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YouTube launches better comment control for creators, could this end the trolls?

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(SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS) Following up on their innovative end screen features, YouTube announces comment controls for creators.


Following up on their innovative end screen features, YouTube announces comment controls for creators.

In an announcement that opens: “Your relationship with your community is what makes YouTube unique,” YouTube outlined the new features that allow quick and easy solutions for complex comment threads.


What are the features?

Pinned comments
This feature allows creators to promote a specific comment by pinning it to the top off the comment section of the feed. This allows you to highlight prime examples of interaction with your viewers – especially positive interaction.

This could be a great way for YouTube personalities and influencers to promote a loyal fan, show their love to a fellow YouTuber, and encourage positivity in the face of the common trolls a lot of channels get.

Creator hearts
Creators can now quickly show appreciation for comments by clicking a heart, a streamlined solution to endless “thanks!” replies. This is a great way for YouTubers to show fans that they are being listened to and that their comment is appreciated.

We are interested in how quickly an automation tool for this will be developed.

Creator usernames
When you comment in a conversation, your username appears in the thread with a pop of color around it to allow your audience to quickly see that the comment is coming from you directly. There will still be the verified checkmark by the username as well.

Other features available

YouTube also took the time on their blog to remind users of existing features to help with comments like choosing moderators, blacklisting words or phrases, and the ability to hold potentially inappropriate comments for review.

These features are simple, but offer a lot of ways to help creators and brands cultivate their online presence and the conversation that surrounds it without feeding the trolls.


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1 Comment

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