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Clean up your website’s social media feeds with Social Box

Social Box pulls all of a company’s social media feeds into one clean, sleek box feed that allows viewers to read multiple feeds in real-time.

Getting rid of the social widgets

Your mom might not be around to yell at you to clean up your website, but it’s still a good idea. Social Box is here to help streamline your company’s site into a sleeker interface that isn’t overrun by social widgets.

Integrating your social content to one feed

Social Box will combine all of your company’s social content and showcase it as one clean, real-time feed on your business’s website. By keeping all of your social content updates together in this tidy little feed, it also lets all of your viewers immediately know on which social networks you’re active. If they love Instagram, they can follow you on Instagram. If they’re into Twitter, they can start Tweeting you questions. As everyone in business knows, you always want to cater to your customer’s needs and interests.

On the flipside, maybe your company hasn’t forayed into the overwhelming world of social media, yet. Social Box is the perfect aide to keep you organized and on track with your efforts as you get started.

Real-time, all the time

While you are busy running your company, Social Box monitors your social media channels for you and all your posts are collected in the widget. All the social channels you choose show up in real-time – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever you’d like to represent your brand. You can have them show up under separate tabs, or stream all together under “All Posts.”

Social Box claims that by “showing your social channels in real-time, you will boost the conversion rate of your website.”  And just as simple as that, you’ve not only cleaned up your website, but primed it for increased conversion rates.


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