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Pinterest now drives as much web traffic as Twitter

What is Pinterest, how do businesses use it?

We’ve led the conversation about Pinterest, introducing you to the visual bookmarking site last year, offering the ultimate guide for using Pinterest in business, helped you to learn how to earn influence on Pinterest and even named the site in the 60 Genius Brands to watch in 2012list, after watching the invitation-only network boom as we experimented for several months with our personal accounts.

After extensive use and lurking, we suggested 30 improvements Pinterest should make in 2012, followed by another 12 improvements the site should make, with a long wish list that as fanatics, we believe will help keep the new startup on the same wildly successful trajectory that they are currently on. Last week, several of our suggestions were implemented in the site’s unannounced remodel.

Pinterest traffic

The bandwagon is growing bigger and faster than Facebook or Twitter in their early days, as Pinterest becomes a traffic powerhouse, already driving more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined, according to a new Shareaholic study. Pinterest users aren’t just looking at pins all day, they are proving to be information seekers that click through the actual pins to learn more.

Shareaholic reports Pinterest grew from 2.5% of referral traffic in December to 3.6% of the referrals in January. “That’s impressive growth from just owning .17% of the traffic back in July,” Shareaholic said in a statement.


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