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Qwiqq: peek into app’s upcoming buy button, better chat


Qwiqq social commerce app gave AGBeat a sneak peek at new features they are about to launch, which makes online retail a million percent easier and more likely.


Qwiqq social commerce app makes money makin’ easier

Qwiqq enables a local merchant to post what they want to sell, when they want to sell it, and then instantly share it to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Email and SMS, all from the convenience of a single device, bridging the gap between merchants and consumers, and vice versa.

“From a cute pair of shoes to the perfect salon to the tastiest Thai on the Upper West Side. The things you love to buy are all around you! Just snap a photo, write a quick note and enter the price. We do the rest. Qwiqq makes sharing the things you love to buy as easy as, well, dunking an Oreo cookie in milk.”

We first introduced you to Qwiqq last year, and have watched it grow in popularity as it meets the very specific need small business, entrepreneurs, and retailers have in connecting consumers with products, particularly casually.

The company gave AGBeat an exclusive sneak peek at new Qwiqq features that will be available through the iTunes store in a few short weeks, the first being the evolution of their in-app chat function, PayPal integration into the app, and the ability to hit a buy button from within the app, all of which speed up and incentivize purchases by making the process frictionless.

In-app chat will soon allow users to type in the “@” symbol and begin typing another user’s name, and the app will suggest users in real time, much like Facebook or Google+ does when you start typing another user’s name. This update may seem small, but as a retailer or small business, you want every possible step to be taken to simplify the process of reaching you or selling your product.

What we’re most intrigued by

What most excites us is, as Qwiqq Co-Founder Jack Wrigley said, “One post. Shared everywhere. With a BUY button. Coming soon.” Just look:

qwiqq buy button

We all love Pinterest, we love Vine, we love Facebook, but without that “buy” button, there’s an extra step consumers have to take, an extra reason to procrastinate, forget, and ignore. With this one tweak, this app could make a substantial dent in the problem of connecting consumers with small business products, and because Aunt Freida who crochets can take out her iPhone, snap a shot of her recent creation, add a price, and share it to all of her social networks with one button, entrepreneurship is about to get easier.

Download the free iPhone app or the Constant Contact app today.

qwiqq download itunes

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