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Sliden’Joy plugs in via USB and TRIPLES your screen space (and we want it)

Sliden’Joy connects via USB, triples your screen space and is compatible with Mac and PC. Uhhhhh, WHAT? Facebook snooping and Netflix marathons just got a whole lot cooler.



Just in time for the holidays

Sliden’Joy is the computer screen of the future – the very near future. Due out in December 2015, Sliden’Joy is a thin, lightweight slab that clips onto your laptop to double or even triple your screen size.


3 sizes, 3 screens, and they all slide

Sliden’Joy comes in three sizes – 13”, 15” and 17”. Your needs all depend on the size of your personal laptop screen, and Sliden’Joy is hoping to come out with additional sizes in the near future. You can order the “single” model, which features one extra screen, or the “twins” model, which boasts two.

Once you snap your Sliden’Joy onto the back of your laptop, simply slide your extra screens out from the hidden pocket inside the slab and you immediately double or triple your laptop screen size. Once you’re done with the extra screens, or need to store your computer, slide the Sliden’Joy screens back into the slab and your laptop will fit into your normal laptop bag.

HD quality for your next Netflix binge

The hinges that hold the extra screens and the slab together allow the screen a full 180 degree rotation, which sets the Sliden’Joy apart from competitors. The ability to turn the extra screens around completely doubles and triples the users’ visual display, all in HD quality no less.
Finally, plug in the Sliden’Joy USB 3.0 and your screens are ready to use in conjunction with one another. Their HD quality will increase your work productivity, but also make your late night movie watching so much more enjoyable.

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Compatible and colorful

The Sliden’Joy itself is a work of art. It is available in a multitude of colors and finishes, and works with Macs and PCs. It is only 15 millimeters thick, weighs only 1 kilogram, and its aluminum hinges are light but durable.

And that’s all you need to do in order to double or triple the screen size on your personal (or work) laptop. You can check your email, watch a movie, and chat on Facebook all at once, and all on separate screens.

As a side note, there does seem to be some discrepancy on the spelling of Sliden’Joy, as several alternatives appear on the product’s website.


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Staff Writer, Abigail White is a wordsmith who hails from the Deep South, having graduated with a degree in Journalism from Auburn University. She is usually reading three books at once, loves history, sarcasm, and arguing over the Oxford comma.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ISrael

    June 7, 2016 at 4:10 am

    Read here before getting your hopes too high for this product:

    They started a campaign on Kickstarter, and once it got funded they forgot about their backers, moreover, we discovered everything they said on their campaign was a lie. They didn’t even have a prototype! THEY DONT EVEN HAVE A PROTOTIPE RIGHT NOW!

    The creators of SlidenJoy shows a complete lack of respect for their backers. I encourage everyone check out the comments on there and judge for yourself.

    They keep saying they’ll provide an update “next week”. But it never happened. Usually, it’s delayed for at least 2 weeks. Two FULL WEEKS without any explanation as to why! And always empty updates lacking of any information.

    So far, they’ve provided some photos of a “prototype” and that was it. No update/photos on actual production materials etc, nothing.

    We are kept completely in the dark about the entire process. They ignore Kickstarter backers and continue to travel around the world to pull in “investors”.

    They always BS saying they’re taking their time to write the “perfect” update, or that they didn’t have time, but they always check their Facebook almost everyday and reply to people there.

    They delete or block messages/users on their Facebook to hide negative feedback and in their Kickstarter update on February 6th, you can see their lack of respect for their backers (that made it happen in the first place).

    They’ve already delayed the delivery without an estimated delivery date. See where this is going?

    And remember, that those of you who preorder it, are supposed to get it AFTER the kickstarter backers… good luck with that

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