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7 new tech accessories you’ll be sad that you don’t own yet

tech gadgets

(Tech News) There are so many cool new tech accessories that are on the market right now that solves problems you didn’t even realize you had – such genius!

tech gadgets

Tech accessories for all!

Technology has come a long way, and accessories are catching up, reducing cords, extending your battery, improving your organization, and making life easier in general.

One of our favorite sites to find cool tools (not just tech) while learning about and having access to the makers, The Grommet offers video demonstrations and interviews about 7 new tools that we think rock.


1. In1 Case – the Swiss Army Knife of phone cases

While the In1 Case is for iPhones only, it is so cool that we have to share it with you because it will instantly make you a MacGyver. Seriously.

2. Tech Candy – AC/DC car and wall adapter combo

ac dc wall car adapter combo

It’s annoying to have one charger for the car, another for the house, another for the office, and so forth. Tech Candy addresses this with the AC/DC car and wall adapter combo. Genius!

3. Recoil automatic cord winders

Whether for your iPad cord to your earbuds, we like Recoil’s automatic cord winders not just for organization and avoiding the jumbled mess of constant cord chaos, but for traveling – keeping everything tidy in a purse or suitcase is a dream.

4. Tech Armor – ballistic phone, tablet covers

Tech Armor’s ballistic cases and screen protectors are impenetrable yet still work as a touchscreen, perfect for anyone in the field or those of us that are klutzy around power tools or heights.

5. FlyGrip – one handed phone holder

The FlyGrip works on most smartphones and tablets, even when there is a case on it, unless it’s a super texturized surface, and we have seriously been considering how to make something like this ourselves, so this is an easy fix we’ll be ordering so we can email, walk, and chew gum, all without dropping the dang phone.

6. Cocoon GRID-IT! organization system

The Cocoon GRID-IT! comes in three sizes and saves you from the headache of wondering where the hell you put your tiny SD card, or your scissors, your phone, whatever – great for purses or desks to just keep things nearby, and you can configure it any way you like – awesome!

7. Tech Candy’s universal charger

Tech Candy’s 3-in-1 Charging Cable and Car/Wall Power Adapter is frickin’ amazing – quit carrying tons of cords, just be lazy and use this one.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. rolandestrada

    March 30, 2014 at 3:38 pm

    Not bad for a couple of items. The rest are kind of junk drawer items.

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