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Hack Reactor: intense course trains anyone to be a coder

hack reactor

Send an employee to the Hack Reactor, or hire a recent graduate who has completed a highly regarded, intense experience to ingrain some serious coding skills into their brain.

hack reactor

Hack Reactor: making a coder out of anyone

One of the most useful skills to have in an employee in recent years relates to web development and coding. As a small business, it can be difficult to find someone with the know-how who fits in the pre-determined salary range. There’s nothing wrong with web developers earning a good paycheck. The point is that many small businesses need employees who have the necessary base knowledge, but also the knowledge to search for an answer when they may not have it right away, and employees who are willing to start at the ground-level and work their way up with a company.

Hack Reactor helps bridge that gap by offering a twelve-week intensive course that teaches their attendees everything they need to know to benefit any business, especially small businesses. This course consists of a total of 800 hours of hands-on instruction. The training begins at nine in the morning and doesn’t end until eight in the evening, six days a week. Attendees will learn Javascript, CSS 3, jQuery, Jasmine, HTML 5, and CoffeeScript.

Not only will they learn the necessary information, but they’ll also be taught the application of that information. This is done through having all-day hackathons through which attendees will implement what they learned the day before into real projects that can be included in professional portfolios.

No coding experience is okay with Hack Reactor

One of the best things about this program is that no previous coding experience is necessary. Actually, that’s why Hack Reactor was created. However, those who have previous coding experience are more than welcome to participate, too. Hack Reactor provides a firm, solid foundation for anyone who wants to learn or enhance their knowledge of website development.

So what does this mean for your business? This gives you two brilliant options.

  • Hire someone who has done this 12-week program.
  • Send one of your own employees to this training program to represent your business.

Hack Reactor was created and run by former and current employees of OkCupidLabs, Twitter, Google, Mozilla, and Storify. Experts that have experience with these companies are the instructors for this program, so you can be sure that if you hire someone after this program or you send one of your own there, you’ll get the best of the best. The main thing that sets this program apart from other similar to it is that they don’t teach students all of the answers; they teach them how to find the answers. And that’s the most important skill any employee can have.

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