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Here are some hipster-related generators you’ve probably never heard of

Hipsters have gone mainstream, as have websites mocking them with generic generators. Here are three they hope you’ve never heard of.



Hipsters have become mainstream, folks

Have you ever seen one of those old kung fu movies where all the dialogue is dubbed over in English, and totally out of time with the dudes’ mouths moving? There’s always this scene where the student becomes the master, and the teacher then becomes the student. This is to say that the young Padawan’s skills finally surpass his instructor’s.

Although this might be a stretch of an analogy, it can be said that hipsters have become mainstream, and the mainstream has become obsolete. The spawn of the hipster lifestyle, mindset, garb, and persona had an air of originality to it back in the day. They celebrated the obscurity of random and generally unpopular interests. It seemed for a while that they were the underdog, and part of me rooted for them (before they got all cool. I was a hipster before hipsters were popular, but then I jumped ship because there were too many of us).

Now, it seems like people are trying to be hipsters. They go out of their way to acquire rare records of crappy bands and pride themselves on loving films that no one has ever heard of, snuffing the mainstream every chance they get. You still eat organic quinoa? Wow. I’ve been really into smoking my own tofu faux-beef jerky and then melting it into a jam that I spread on recycled cardboard. Wheat Thins? No, everybody buys Wheat Thins. Cardboard is the new cracker. Trust me.

1. The Hipster Logo Generator

hipster logo generator
As much as I hate to say I condone the capitalization on such a “culture,” targeting this demographic is all too easy. A tool I came across recently is the Hipster Logo Generator, and it does exactly what you figure it does. And no matter what buttons I click, my creations always turn out to be exactly what you’d expect to find printed on an American Apparel tee.

2. The Hipster Business Name Generator

hipster name generator
And the Hipster Business Name Generator is just as viable. Pretty much any combination of A & B will force your flannel-wearing friends to ask for a link to your Etsy store. I generated 10 randomly and they all sounded like already established brands.

3. Hipster Ipsum

hipster ipsum
Hipster Ipsum is arguably the most accurate/offensive generalization of overused SEO keywords in nonsensical order. You’ll probably have to click on that one and experience it yourself.

All jokes aside, giants like Childish Gambino actually use name generators (Wu-Tang, in his case) and tools like this to their advantage. And if it’s good enough for Donald Glover, it’s good enough for you.


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Staff Writer, Johnny Crowder, is a hard working creative with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a deep passion for writing. In his other life, he is the front man for signed metal band, Dark Sermon. He has a wicked sense of humor and might literally die if he goes a day without putting pen to paper.

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