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10 Ways technology can declutter your workspace

Here’s how to tell if it’s time to declutter your workspace, and which tools will help you actually keep your area cleared.


Let’s do an exercise together

Look up from your computer. Don’t worry; I won’t go anywhere. Just examine your work area and notice if it’s clean or messy.

Are you back? Great! You barely kept me waiting. What does your work area look like? Is there clutter everywhere? A few pictures on your desk is fine. But if you can’t move your laptop an inch without knocking pens and papers off the side of your desk, then you’re in trouble.

You might think this clutter doesn’t bother you. However, it does affect how you work.

Why you should declutter

You shouldn’t just declutter because it looks messy. You should declutter so you work more efficiently.

Clutter competes for your attention, which makes it more difficult for you to focus and be productive. Clutter distracts your brain from concentrating on your work. Your brain can’t efficiently process the information of the work you’re trying to get done. This happens because it’s trying to process the information of the clutter on your desk at the same time.

Decluttering your workspace will lead to you being more productive. Luckily for you, technology can be used to help with the decluttering process. Here are ten ways technology can declutter your workspace!

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1. CableBox Mini

How many times a day do you have to step over the cords of your laptop charger, Ethernet cable, etc.?

These cables make your workspace look messy. Use a CableBox Mini to store these cords. Your charger is usually much longer than you need it to be. Stick it in your CableBox Mini, and slide it under your desk so it’s not a distraction.

2. Scan your documents

One of the most popular forms of clutter is paperwork. Documents can compile on your desk at a rapid pace and build up to a tower of unorganized files.

These documents need a place to be stored, and there’s no better place than your computer. Scan your documents and organize folders on your computer. You’ll still have all the paperwork you need while keeping your workplace organized.

3. Get a Kindle

I’m sure you’re always learning. If you’re in college, then you probably have textbooks all over your room. If you aren’t in college, you probably have a bunch of informational books in your office.

These books can be distracting. The best way to combat this is to purchase a Kindle or any e-book reader. Shelves of books are now held in a tiny tablet, and will clear a lot of space.

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4. Separate computers

Do you use the same computer for everything? Do you have your computer, tablet, and phone out on your desk as you work?

Your work computer is the only thing that should be in your workspace. Your tablet or phone will only be distracting, and you’ll feel the urge to pick it up and take your focus away from your work.

5. Charging station

Are there gadgets lying around your office? Store them all in a charging station.

Charging stations are shelves where you can charge all of your electronics. These stations look nice and provide a home to your technology when you aren’t using it. This’ll help you keep everything organized instead of leaving your electronics on the desk or floor.

6. Touchscreen tablet

Want to know how to keep pens and papers off your desk? Get a tablet.

With a touch screen tablet, you can write everything down and store it on your tablet. You can get a stylus to help you write.

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7. All-In-One printer

The clutter made from four machines can now be narrowed down to one. Now you can recycle those other clunky machines and save room with an all-in-one printer, since most printers can now scan, copy, and fax documents.  You can find many popular models online or in-store for your convenience.

8. The Boogie Board

Want another way to save paper? Try The Boogie Board Sync.

This electronic notepad lets you write down notes. You can then save it to the board as a PDF file, or you can send it to your smartphone. You can also connect it to your PC via USB cable. Now your hand-written notes are easily saved electronically.

9. Use your smartphone

Your smartphone can pretty much do anything you need it to do. You can use the calendar to remember dates, notepad to jot down notes, and you can send any document you want.

A lot of your clutter can be saved on your phone and stored in your pocket.

10. Multiple computer screens

Clutter can exist on your desktop too. Too many tabs or programs open can be distracting and make you work less.

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Get multiple computer screens at work. This will help you organize everything you’re doing, and you can concentrate better on your work.

The takeaway

Clutter can seriously affect your productivity. It’s time to go to your workspace and do a little spring cleaning! Do you have any tips for decluttering your workspace that aren’t mentioned here? I’d love to know what works for you in the comment section below!


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Megan Ray Nichols is an editorialist at The American Genius, and is a technical writer who's passionate about technology and the science. She also regularly writes at Smart Data Collective, IoT Times, and ReadWrite. Megan publishes easy to understand articles on her blog, Schooled By Science - subscribe today for weekly updates!

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