3 ways small brands can compete online with the big boys

May 27, 2014


Small brands competing with big brands and big budgets

Entrepreneurs and small business leaders are often intimidated by the big brands with big budgets, and secretly compare their efforts with the big boys.

An easy comparison to make is how one’s online efforts compare to those of bigger brands, because we’ve all started from scratch in recent years in a new medium and have had many of the same opportunities, regardless of budgets.

Customer loyalty and mobile app company, Huzzah Media notes that there are legitimate ways for brands of all sizes to improve their online presence and take on the big boys.

1. Own your website

It sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many companies set up a website and let it languish, unattended. Huzzah Media advises, “Don’t forget about your Website, it’s a critical component to keeping your online presence alive and well. Have someone ‘own’ it and make it part of their regular to-do list.”

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Further, they note that you should “Map content back to what will help your audience – provide solutions to common problems and think about frequently asked questions from your customers. Build a calendar to keep your business on task with updates.”

2. Make it mobile

“Remember that most people will be looking at your Website via their mobile device,” the Huzzah Media team tells us, “so make sure your site is optimized for mobile. Define your goals from your mobile visitors, whether it’s a click-to-call, a coupon download or some other action, and create a mobile experience that builds to that result.”

3. Reward the loyal

Because they are in part a a loyalty rewards brand, Huzzah Media points out that not rewarding the loyal can be a massive missed opportunity. “In order to drive repeat business and reward your most loyal customers, try integrating a rewards program, which can help you better compete with larger businesses and create increased enthusiasm among customers.”

Very doable

All of these tips are doable by any sized brand, and some of it is common sense, but it all takes effort. These efforts pay off for the smaller brands looking to compete with the bigger brands, and you should put your gloves on and come to compete, too.

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