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Feedly and Buffer team up: how to take full advantage

February 7, 2013

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What are Feedly and Buffer?

Feedly is a feed reader launched in 2011 to pull in anyone’s Google RSS feeds into a customizable magazine-like layout that makes consuming information not only more enjoyable, but faster and more streamlined, especially for mobile users. Buffer is a social networking app that allows you to share links, pictures, video and text across sever social networks. The company says, “just drop everything worth sharing in your Buffer and it will be posted for you well spaced out over the day, at a better time.”

The two are designed to make the consumption and sharing of information a great deal easier, and combined, they save many steps – see something in your feed reader you want to tweet out later today? Feedly plus Buffer makes that digital content social right then and there, and staggers the time for you so you can hit “share” on 20 articles and not immediately flood your social networks. Genius.

Getting the Buffer update on Feedly

Now, in Feedly, a Buffer button appears by every article, and with one click, you can send that link to multiple social networks.

All social networks you have already linked with Buffer can be managed from the your account, making it simple to add new updates to all of your social networking accounts. If you already use Feedly, either manually update or wait for the prompt to update in order to get the new Buffer feature.

Buffer offers browser extensions in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari and shares to the most popular social networks, like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It also has native apps for iPhone and Android, and the free service offers analytics and even allows you to have multiple team members working from the same Buffer account.

Feedly is a beautiful app for Android and iOS, but also works in a regular desktop browser (which is how most of our team has used it for years).

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