Yournaline: beautifully aggregate all of your social media

February 10, 2014


Yournaline is now in private beta

Yournaline is a new web tool that keeps your social life, collectively, in a single stream. It aggregates content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Nike fitness, and more, creating a real-time story feed. But what sets Yournaline apart from other aggregators is that it automatically aggregates all the content you publish and pulls it into your own personal Yournaline site, so you never have to life a finger; everything is automatically synced.

You will also notice the minimalistic, clean layout – it really is a beautiful way to present yourself to the world.

After signing up for Yournaline, you will notice is the line going down the center with a series of circles (after you connect your social media). Each circle serves as a diving line for your different accounts. You will see a circle with a “f” in it for Facebook, a small camera for Instagram, and so on. Each one shows a snippet of your feed, sharing your important life events with friends without having to flip to each account.

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Connecting, syncing, and participating

You can Tweet, comment, like, and map all from Yournaline, without leaving the single newsfeed. You can also read comments and see what is trending without the hassle of scrolling through each account, saving you time.

Once you have connected your social networks with Yournaline, you can sync up with your friends. Once everyone is connected, you can see how social you really are and compete against your friends and family’s feeds. You will get a score based on how many connections you have and posts you create, Yournaline will then rank you according to this information, encouraging user participation.

There are quite a few social media aggregators on the market, but Yournaline is minimalistic in design and creative in importing your data, especially with automatic updates; it is one to keep your eye on, as it has just launched in private beta.





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