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Amanda Lopez is a real estate broker and founder of Style House Realty in Baltimore, Md. She has worked in the real estate industry for over 6 years and prior to that studied advertising, branding and web design. Refusing to believe the real estate industry had to be bland and boring in design and appeal to everyone, she set out to bring some style and technology into the mix. Amanda can most likely be found with coffee that got cold, great shoes, her mind in the sky and her evernote app open.

nar rethink

NAR REThink: meaningful dissection of the f...

Aug 27, 20124 Comments

As a convention cynic, I typically roll my eyes when someone addresses "the future," but at this event, there was a tangible sense that people


Branding: choosing your name, color, and lo...

Aug 07, 20123 Comments

Getting a business off of the ground can be a tremendous challenge, but branding is much more complicated than slapping up a sign with your

open sign

Getting your new business off of the ground...

Aug 02, 2012No Comments

Many companies never come to fruition due to fears about funding, planning, and execution. Here are some quick tips for getting over the hurdle of


Will real estate agents become extinct over...

Mar 21, 201250 Comments

Every year, the concept of real estate agents becoming extinct make national headlines and some believe technology will supplant the practice, but is that true?


From Realtor to Broker: determining the mod...

Mar 05, 201218 Comments

When Realtors get the indie itch, the most difficult decision faced today is which real estate model to follow. There are three main options, or


What to weigh when considering becoming an ...

Feb 28, 201214 Comments

The indie itch So, the itch has gotten to you. You know, the indie itch… You’ve found yourself increasingly discouraged, just not truly motivated. That


Zombie Apocalypse or Sucker Punch, marketin...

Jan 16, 201211 Comments

Brilliant gender marketing So you’ve moved into your new house and the first thing you want to do to put your stamp on it is


Make your website ultra sticky with interac...

Jan 09, 201229 Comments

The evolution of photo sharing The recent release of the Timeline feature on Facebook, sites becoming more picture friendly (jux), and business cards becoming stylishly virtual