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Facebook is implementing a hidden tax on influencer marketers

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(BUSINESS MARKETING) Facebook is changing algorithms and making influencer marketing a bit more expensive on the site.

Algorithm update

Facebook is perpetually updating and upgrading their algorithms so that their site runs at optimal levels.

With the new update to Facebook’s advertising algorithm made this week, influencer marketing is likely to become more expensive.

Most recent change

Facebook continually changes their algorithms for various reasons. Whether to promote quality content vs spam or adjust how companies advertise on the platform, everyone should expect that Facebook will always be evolving. The newest update to their platform involves influencer marketing.

Facebook will now allow influencers to turn paid content into a sponsored post.

They can do this by tagging brands that they currently work with. The brand’s advertising team then decides whether they want to boost the post, as opposed to sharing it.
Brands choose who can boost posts by adjusting their page settings. If a post is boosted, they will also receive a full overview of insights to show how it is performing.

Sounds pretty reasonable, right?

What could go wrong?

The underlying worry here is that posts that are not boosted will underperform. Therefore, brands will have to pay to boost posts every time, which will increase their budget allocated for influencer marketing.

Facebook, like many other platforms, often favors content that is paid for which is why companies assume that boosting a post will become almost mandatory in order to reach their target audience.

Influencer market

Influencer marketing has been a game changer in this age of social media advertising. Influencers are users with a wide reach, and often have a high amount of followers, shares and interaction with their content.

With Facebook’s new change, influencers will need to focus more on content rather than their followers.

Since some may not have the expansive reach of high profile celebrities, they have to focus on content that targets specific audiences in order for brands to see their return on investment. In addition, brands can no longer completely rely on influencers to advertise their name.

The update requires both brands and influencers to fall in line with Facebook’s advertising strategy, which requires businesses to pay for the results they desire.

Changing of the guard?

Instagram currently holds the #1 spot for the most effective marketing platform and has yet to make any changes. However, Facebook owns Instagram so it could be just a matter of time.


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