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The Pinball Principle

In A Hair-On-Fire Hurry? Read It Twitter Style.


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Elton John Rocks The Pinball Wizard

Elton John Rocks The Pinball Wizard - CLICK to Play

Ever watch someone feed quarters to an electric Pin Ball Machine?

Colored lights strobing, sheet glass gleaming, scoreboard screaming cheez, bumpers live-wired blinking. Step smiling forward, drop a quarter.

Spring loaded, rubber tipped release. Silver sphere spins sparking, arcing into action. Lights blare-blink strobing, heartbeats bongo, thumbs snag warm glass, index fingers slide twitchy, finding flipper button function.

Ever seen it? Ever done it?

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How do you score points in Pinball?

That’s right! Keep the sphere in play; careening, pinging, blinking, ricochet-rebounding, plink-zinging, kinetic- ka-chinging from bumper to bumper. When the silvered sphere slows to drop, finger your flippers and send the sphere crack-careening all over again. The more kinetic-contact, noise, flash and electric-bumper action the richer your spinning higher score.

What happens when there’s zero kinetic-contact bumper action?  Nothing!

How do Pinball Empresses and Wizards score more points that schmo average?  First, they play the game. Next, firm flipper action keeps the sphere in kinetic-contact, subtle machine shimmy-shakes juice bumper action – ka-chinging points skyward.

What happens when the machine shimmy-shakes are too heavy handed? TILT, Game Over!

The Pinball Principle

Your networks are Pin Ball Machines. Huh? I know, weird, but true.

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By networks I mean your cheerleader friends. Your Facebook friends. Your Twitter Friends. Your neighbors. Your past clients. Your suspects and prospects. People who live in your Geographical Farm. Your Bunco sisters. Your PTO friends. Your Country Club clique. You’re drinking buddies. Your foodie fanatic friends. Your classmates. Your bookwork book-club. Your Linkedin hommies, etc.

You get the picture right?  Our networks are electric Pinball machines.

Kinetic-Contact, Live-Wire Bumper Action

Electric live-wired bumpers are people in our Pinball networks. Kinetic-Contact (In-Person, On-Purpose contact) with our live-wired bumper/people leads to referrals and recommendations. The more live-wired bumpers (People) in our Pinball Network Machine, the greater our opportunity for ka-chinging electric spectacle and gaudy success. The fewer live-wire bumpers (people) we have in our network, the more dull, flaccid and lifeless our real estate game score will be.

Shiny Silver Sphere

Our networks are Pinball Machines, people in our networks are live-wired electric bumpers and YOU and I, my friend, we are are the Shiny Silver Spheres. To score ka-ching points, noise and electric spectacle, we have to create kinetic contact with our live-wired electric bumpers. Points pile higher when In-Person, On-Purpose contact and conversation happens. The more kinetic our contact, conversation and interaction, the more ballistic our score and the more electric our success.  When a Shiny Silver Sphere makes NO contact – NO-Thing happens.

Shake-Shimmy. Don’t Tilt.

Shaking and Shimmying our Pinball Machine Networks is asking for referrals and recommendations. Shake and Shimmy with firm confidence, consitency and natural grace, our score spins fast-forward higher. ASK ungraceful and heavy handed, it’s TILT, game over.

Drop A Quarter

Love it or loathe it, it’s simple in concept.  Kinetic In-Person, On-Purpose contact leads to success. Sitting on your hiney, hoping and moping leads to less than zero.  Drop a roll of quarters and see what happens.

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Thanks for reading. Next week I’m going to write about a two headed fairy – Knowing What Others Don’t and Doing What Others Won’t.

Clink-Cheers, rock ON.

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Ken Brand - Prudential Gary Greene, Realtors. I’ve proudly worn a Realtor tattoo for over 10,957+ days, practicing our craft in San Diego, Austin, Aspen and now, The Woodlands, TX. As a life long learner, I’ve studied, read, written, taught, observed and participated in spectacular face plant failures and giddy inducing triumphs. I invite you to read my blog posts here at Agent Genius and On the lighter side, you can follow my folly on Twitter and Facebook. Of course, you’re always to welcome to take the shortcut and call: 832-797-1779.


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