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Storehouse: the best visual storytelling app on the market


(Business Marketing) Storehouse combines videos, images, and text in a gorgeous manner that any iPad user will love for their marketing toolbox.


Create a visual, interactive story, your way with Storehouse

In our highly visual, highly tech-oriented world, more and more emphasis is being placed on creating content that is visually appealing, as well as easily accessible. Instagram, SnapChat, and the like, have paved the way for a type of visual-centric communication. Storehouse is the newest contender among these created by former Apple and Facebook employees who decided to channel their design and coding knowledge in to their own creation.

Storehouse lets you take your images or video clips from your camera roll, Instagram, Flickr, or Dropbox and make them into a vivid visual form of storytelling. What makes it different than other storytelling apps? Ease of use: It combines a customizable layout, intuitive navigation, fun interactions, and beautiful photos or videos, with the tap and swipe of a finger. Previous apps have either restricted the type of content you can use, or were so complicated you felt like you needed to be a developer to understand them. Storehouse changes these notions.

Once you have selected and uploaded your media, you can explore the creation tool and arrange them into a story with a Facebook-esque cover image and a completely customizable layout. Tap to select an image/video and drag it across the layout, then it will click into an invisible grid. Layouts support full bleed and horizontal or vertical slicing, the choices are left entirely up to you.

An app for any professional

You really need to experience Storehouse for yourself to see just how easy it is to use, but it is far from frustrating, while still giving you a few of the more-advanced options creators love (adding text, cropping, video, easy sharing, etc.) And when you read a story, it becomes immersive. Videos, images, and text frames float, and then snap in to place as you come upon them. Storehouse visually pleasing blurs, transitions, and edge-to-edge photography to make you feel fully immersed in your content.

Storehouse is not aimed at just photographers or journalists; anyone can use it to create a beautiful story. For businesses, this would be an easy, inventive way to circulate conference pictures, product offerings, and the like. Currently the app is availably only for iPad users, but has the potential to be developed for other platforms, in future. It is a free download in the App Store.

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