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Yelp Deals make sense for small businesses

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You already know Groupon and Living Social, but did you know you can run a Yelp Deal right next to your Yelp listing? Pretty helpful for those that rely on Yelp for business.

yelp deals

You’ve heard of Groupon, do you know about Yelp Deals?

Business owners across the country are turning to Groupon and LivingSocial and sites like them to promote their businesses and increase the number of their loyal patrons. Businesses can create deals that entice consumers to visit their locations or purchase something from their online stores. Now you can add one more site to that list. Yelp also gives business owners one more way to reach their target markets, and you can get in on the action, too.

Yelp lets you create deals that appear on your Yelp business page and in Yelp search results, ultimately bringing more traffic to your Yelp page. Promoting your business is easy with this new option.

Benefits of creating Yelp Deals

One of the great things about Yelp Deals is that you don’t have to pay them upfront for this service. When a customer purchases your deal, Yelp will collect the money for you. Then, they will take off their portion, which is 30%, and put the rest in your Yelp account.

You can customize the length of your Yelp deals. If you don’t set a goal number of deals purchased, your deal will go on until you put a stop to it. This way, you can gauge the interest in your deal so you don’t sell yourself short or make an unreachable target goal.

Yelp also makes it easy to keep track of your purchased deals. Each purchaser will have a unique redemption code. Once they come in or redeem their deals, you can login to Yelp and check them off the digital list. This will keep you on top of how many deals are left to be redeemed so you and your staff can be prepared for whenever they decide to pay your location a visit.

Yelp Deals helps small businesses

Also keep in mind that you can either wait until your deal runs out before transferring what you have in your Yelp account to your bank account or you can request a portion of it early. It makes being a small business owner a little less stressful, as you don’t have to wait until the end to get paid for deals that are already being redeemed.

Yelp lets you reach even more potential customers and bring more traffic to your Yelp page and even your business website. Because you don’t have to pay Yelp before your campaign, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try.



  1. Rose Powers

    February 6, 2013 at 7:51 pm

    No business makes any money off any yelp or groupon deal. It is supposed to be a form of advertising. It is supposed to give people a taste of your business. But most of the people who use these deals merely hop from deal to deal and rape your business and then go and complain on yelp after they plunder you.
    These type of deals hurt the very small business person and ruin the local economy as everyone is forced to lower prices to compete. It is a Race To The Bottom.
    Most of the deals are less than half price. The Groupon Yelp person is only looking for the DEAL. They are not looking to find a provider. The coupon clipper is a scammer looking to rip you off and then complain about it with a large megaphone on Yelp, thereby sealing your fate as a loser business.
    Boycott Yelp.
    Boycott Groupon.

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