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Clarity marketplace for business advice: hire experts by the minute

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Clarity is a site that matches experts with business professionals without long term contracts. Have a quick question? Something out of your realm? Dial in.

clarity app

Clarity connects businesses with expert advice

As a small business owner, chances are you have a lot of business-related questions. You may email experts in the field to get some answers, but this can just leave you frustrated, or you may pour a fortune into hiring a stranger to advise you. But what if you could call an expert on the phone and talk to them for as long as you need to, making sure all your questions have been answered, without having to hire them permanently? What if those advisers were actually experts in their field and well known? There is actually a service that allows you to choose an expert to call or even be matched with an expert based on your professional problem you need help working out. Clarity makes that possible.

Clarity is a way to connect with experts in a variety of industries. You can search by industry, job title, or expertise and Clarity will match you with the right expert. Essentially, it’s “a marketplace for business advice.” Once you have your list of possible experts, you can then schedule a call for however long you need. If you only need a half hour, you simply have to schedule it.

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Expert advice for when you’re in a pinch

Keep in mind that experts can charge their own rate for phone calls, usually a rate per minute. The average is $50 for a half-hour call. You will be asked for a credit card in advance, but you won’t be charged until your call is complete. And you’ll only be charged for the minutes you actually use rather than the time you allotted in the beginning. During this time, you can ask any business-related questions you want, whether you want to talk about business licenses, SEO, or expanding your business to multiple locations.

On the other side of the coin, maybe you’re the expert. Consider using your free time to helping other business owners or aspiring business owners. You can make some extra money and get your name out there, which is nearly always beneficial.

Clarity brings together experts and professionals of all skill and experience levels, creating a tighter and more streamlined business community. The best way to strengthen this professional community is to glean what you can from those who have experience and then you can give back to others who are just starting out.

Tip: Clarity has a helpful explanatory video on their homepage, take a few minutes to give it a look.

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