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How to naturally improve your likability

(BUSINESS) Attracting business is more than just being attractive, no, your personality can do a fine job of making people want to be around you, but how?


Many times, people on the wrong end of a decision refer to the cliché that aspects of their lives shouldn’t be a popularity contest. Whether it’s an election for class president or a choice determining who gets a lucrative promotion, likability innately has an effect on those determinations. Whether that being the case is fair or not isn’t really part of the question; after all, life isn’t exactly known for being fair.

To counter that bitter reality, it may be better to improve one’s likability than abide by one’s unwavering ideals.

So what makes someone likeable?

Is it the way they look, carry themselves or treat others? Maybe it’s a sense of humor or a mellow vibe. In a world where almost nothing is absolute, chances are that likability is determined by a confluence of those factors.

As science continues to progress, research has been undertaken trying to give an objective explanation for the energy that people emit. The idea of the aura is no longer a pseudo-scientific term as scientists like Rupert Sheldrake theorize concepts such as a morphic resonance, a theory that tries to explain how the energy of a single entity transcends its collective existence into the lives of others that are encompassed by it.

How to improve your own likability

In order to emanate a more positive vibe that can improve your likability, a few pivotal factors should be taken into account. General happiness has a very powerful influence in terms of affecting others opinions of yourself. Taking the time to put a positive spin on a situation can help alleviate the inherent stresses of our work lives.

Morale is unquestionably a factor when it comes to productivity so being able to keep people smiling is a valuable trait when it comes to evaluating managerial skills and other attributes that are weighed when it comes to making a decision about who will be promoted.

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While it may sound like a bit of an over simplification; being likable may be as simple as being positive. Happiness is a sign of strength more-so than weakness, as being able to see the glass half full can signify strong willpower that can help overcome adversity. So, life being a popularity contest may not be as unjust as those on the wrong end of a decision make it out to be.

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Brian Clark is a Staff Writer at The American Genius and The Real Daily. He earned a BA in Political Science from The University of Massachusetts, and works in the legal industry by day while also balancing his writing career.

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