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Kylie Jenner’s makeup line is in trouble, proof no brand can survive poor customer service

(BUSINESS NEWS) Kylie Jenner, despite her vast following and popularity, has received some flack after her company Kylie Cosmetics recently received an F grade from the Better Business Bureau.

Time to retake Quality & Service 101

Kylie Jenner, despite her vast following and popularity, has received some flack after her company Kylie Cosmetics recently received an F grade from the Better Business Bureau. This failing grade follows 133 customer complaints that say Kylie Cosmetics, the maker of the extremely popular Kylie Lip Kit, has dropped the ball on service and product quality.

Contrary to the thousands of customers that make sure every new Kylie Lip color is sold out immediately are the customers who aren’t so eager and happy. Of the aforementioned 133 complaints, 69 were about delivery issues while the rest varied between general product issues.

Their perception of “timely manner” must be different than a customer’s

The Better Business Bureau released a statement regarding her failing grade, saying “Kyle Cosmetics… previously had an F rating due to unresolved complaints as well as a pattern of complaints regarding issues related to the delivery of orders.”

They also added that they had initially reached out to Kylie Cosmetics in May, about a “pattern of complaint allegations wherein complainants alleged that packages ordered were not delivered or only partially full when received.”

The young entrepreneur insists however, that she has sold “millions of Lip Kits” and that any complaint her company has ever received “has been addressed in a timely manner”.

What does any of this mean to you?

It’s not often the Jenner-Kardashian family enlightens us with something other than entertainment, but in this particular instance, it has actually proved a valuable business lesson. No matter how popular, recognizable or influential your brand is, service is never expendable. Kylie has an enormous social influence: 66.5 million followers on Instagram, 16.7 million on Twitter, and is the face of the long-established popular brand Puma. Even all of those accolades don’t trump the way her customers feel and the value of providing a good service experience.

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Kylie and her company are currently working with the BBB on responding to complaints, and to subsequently improve their score. But, as you probably already know, it’s better to be proactive than reactive in business.

So if you are a brand lucky enough to have an established following and customer loyalty, take a note from Kylie and remember to thank their allegiance with quality service.

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MAKE SURE TO WATCH MY UPDATED DUPES VIDEO WITH ALL 3 OF KYLIE’S GLOSSES!! Subscribe 🙂 Follow me! Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: ShopperMandy Hi my beauties! I’m so glad I got this video up for all of you! As always, Kylie’s lip kits sold out in minutes!


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