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NeverWet: magic coating to repel any liquid


The future is here. NeverWet literally keeps liquids from penetrating anything it is applied to.


Move over Apple magic, NeverWet is the MOST magic of all

NeverWet is a revolutionary superhydrophobic spray-on coating that gives a new meaning to the term “water-resistant.” NeverWet is a silcon-based covering that deflects nearly all liquids, heavy oils, acids, bases, and salt-solutions and was launched years ago but was not yet publicly available… until now.

For businesses that manufacture that will be exposed to any type of liquid or oil, this product is invaluable, but also, for the everyday consumer. The NeverWet site features videos demonstrating an iPhone that has been sprayed with their product and remains fully functional while submerged in a bowl of water for thirty minutes. This could also be used to liquid-proof clothing, carpet, shoes, tools, bathrooms, technology, roofs, buildings, basements, and endless other possibilities.

Anti-icing, anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial

In addition to the anti-wetting, NeverWet also offers the protection of anti-icing, anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial, and the benefits of being self-cleaning; let me briefly explain each one. There are videos for each on the site as well. It is anti-icing because water cannot stick to anything that has been coated with NeverWet, so ice never has the chance to form. If you have ever had an air conditioner freeze over, you can understand the benefit this would give you. Any droplets that might normally freeze would simply roll off.

It offers anti-corrosion protection because water never has the chance to penetrate and do damage. See the video for their salt fog experiment. It is anti-bacterial because dirty water and oil cannot stick to and dry on the surface, so there is little to no chance of bacteria remaining. And self-cleaning happens because water and dirt are repelled therefore there is nothing left to clean.

On the off chance that there are some dust particles, a simple spray of water will clean everything right off as the water will be instantly repelled taking the dust with it. Think about what this would mean in terms of washing your house or equipment. How much time would this save you?

NeverWet finally available to the general public

The spray cans are available now, after a much anticipated journey. NeverWet is a two step process. The first coat is the base coat and the second coat seals it all in, not only making the surface liquid proof, but liquid repellant. You only have to wait about fifteen minutes between applications; fifteen minutes between the base coat and sealer, and then fifteen minutes until you can use it, for thirty minutes total. Then you are liquid repellant and ready to go.

The site does say to avoid exposing NeverWet to the following substances: detergents, soaps, oils, solvents, and high-pressure water. If you are using it on a deck, they suggest using only low-pressure measures, such as a garden hose. You should also avoid brushes and abrasive cleaners as this could diminish the effectiveness of NeverWet. NeverWet by Rust-Oleum is available at retail stores, primarily Home Depot in North America for $19.97.

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