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There’s a new start up that wants to cash in on the AirBnB business

(NEWS) Airbnbs provide growth opportunities for other emerging businesses.

airbnb accessibility features unveiled

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Tech startups yield a dizzying amount of spinoff jobs and products. Airbnb is a shining example of this.

From cleaning services to automatic messaging systems, the short term rental business is booming with opportunities. Now another new company is offering its services to the Airbnb world.

Put our service to the test

HostingBNB provides a monthly pack of toiletries and other comfort items to Airbnb and short term rental hosts.

Their site notes most guests request items like shampoo, soap, and towels.

Running out of basic toiletries can make a guest’s stay miserable, and even tank the host’s rating. The HostingBNB service automatically sends Airbnb hosts monthly packages based on the number of guests staying each month.

And we provide the rest

It’s difficult to keep up with towels and toothbrushes if hosts don’t live in the properties they’re renting out.

When hosts don’t even live in the same state, that’s another added layer of difficulty.

Being an Airbnb host comes with challenges guests don’t often consider. Many who want to jump in on the lucrative short term rental as a host don’t know the challenges either.

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Why, they only live to serve

Cleaning between guests, restocking towels, checking amenity supply levels, booking rentals, and a slew of other responsibilities all have to fall on someone.

While some hosts thrive on the chaos of managing every detail of their rental, others would rather kick back and let the money flow.

This is where spinoff jobs and products step in to save the day.

Growing opportunities

Those who recognize the challenges of short term rentals can benefit from providing solutions.

Last summer, All State introduced HostAdvantage, insurance coverage specifically for people renting out their properties on a regular basis.

All State realized that some host’s regular insurance plans might not cover all the possibilities that come with renting out homes and decided to close the gap.

Error in communication

Another problem Airbnb hosts face is communication with guests.

If you’ve ever stayed in a rental property, you know how stressful it can be if something goes wrong with the house.

Is the washing machine supposed to be making those noises? What am I supposed to do if the dishwasher floods?

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Another BnB spinoff

On the flip side, hosts worry about guests checking in and out in a timely fashion.

Aviva IQ created an automated messaging system to relieve some of this tension.

By providing a template for simple post-booking messages, hosts can free up their time for other issues.

Enhancing BnBs

If hosts don’t live in or near their rental properties, cleaning between guests becomes an additional challenge. Several maid and professional cleaning services popped up to address this issue, providing laundry and restocking services.

There are even apps spawned to help cleaning services communicate better with the Airbnb hosts.

Helping others host

The ever-expanding needs of guests and hosts provide opportunities for more ancillary products and services.

Airbnb’s growth and challenges give business-savvy individuals the chance to provide new solutions to the industry.

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