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Want to strengthen your brain or appeal to consumers? Try stories

(Business News) Scientists state that your brain reacts differently to quality fiction than it does lists of facts, and you can improve your empathy and connect with consumers through storytelling.


Reading a fictitious book is more important than you may know

Merriam-Webster declared ‘science’ the 2013 word of the year. But can reading something other than data and facts, say a work of fiction, help improve brain function? Anthony at Discovery News explains the many possible benefits that reading a fictitious book can have on the brain in the video above.

Neuroscientists have unveiled that fiction can actually change your brain, making you more empathetic and able to understand other peoples’ experiences and emotions, but there is a catch – pop fiction doesn’t appear to do the trick because literature tends to dive more deeply into characters’ minds.

“Many people can recall reading at least one cherished story that they say changed their life,” the scientists assert, and it’s true, which leads us to how our brains operate. With the reading of fiction, certain parts of the brain get all fired up.

How you can use this information

Storytelling, through marketing, blogging, social media, or orally, is extremely useful in conveying ideas, as opposed to listing facts, because your brain goes through the motions of the story, activating a different part of the brain than memorizing facts. When you have the opportunity to connect with consumers or your clients, try telling a story instead of reciting facts, because you’re appealing to a different part of the brain when you take that route.

“We sought to determine whether reading a novel causes measurable changes in resting-state connectivity of the brain and how long these changes persist,” the study states, as they examine how novels impact connectivity in your brain. It is important to focus on lighting up different parts of the brain.

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“Understanding others’ mental states is a crucial skill that enables the complex social relationships that characterize human societies,” scientists report. Bingo.

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