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Curt Steinhorst loves attention. More specifically, he loves understanding attention. How it works. Why it matters. How to get it. As someone who personally deals with ADD, he overcame the unique distractions that today’s technology creates to start a Communications Consultancy, The Promentum Group, and Speakers Bureau, Promentum Speakers, both of which he runs today. Curt’s expertise and communication style has led to more than 75 speaking engagements in the last year to organizations such as GM, Raytheon, Naval Academy, Cadillac, and World Presidents’ Organization.

ted talks

Why you should stop watching TED Talks

Jul 08, 20144 Comments

(Editorial) TED Talks are amazing. Wonderful. Inspiring. But you should reconsider how much time you spend on them and how you let them impact your


How to avoid letting bad customer service w...

Jun 20, 2014No Comments

(Business News) Bad customer service can do more than upset you, it can totally destroy your day or week as you deal with it.

speaker information age

In this free information age, how can you g...

May 27, 2014No Comments

(Business News) Being a speaker on any topic can be tough in an age where all information is free - but is it really? Perhaps


The most powerful ways to defy digital dist...

May 21, 2014No Comments

(Business News) Distraction levels are at an all-time high as our culture becomes increasingly obsessed with multi-tasking, but it's counter-productive. Here's how to focus once

gift wrapped

What gift giving strategies actually get mo...

May 06, 2014No Comments

(Business Marketing) Gift giving is an age-old marketing tactic that most consumers see through, so how do you capture attention and earn referrals in the


The science behind why people are mean onli...

Dec 10, 20131 Comment

(Social Media News) People are mean online, but it isn't just trolls, it's everyone, because our brains are hardwired to be that way. Is there

prayer meditation

The rare business case for prayer or medita...

Nov 25, 2013No Comments

We're never supposed to talk about religion at work, but privately reflecting can be a tremendous asset to your professional life and success - let's

people pleaser

How to effectively balance your inner peopl...

Nov 20, 2013No Comments

Being a people pleaser can lead some to take on too much, to always say yes, and then, despite good intentions, they disappoint. Let's discuss


Quick tip that will get people to pay atten...

Oct 23, 20131 Comment

Don't you want more people to read your emails, listen to your speech, or retweet you? There's a proven method to make this happen.


Lessons from Lexus’ “offensive&...

Sep 24, 20133 Comments

A recent tweet from the Lexus marketing department sent some tweeps into an fury. There is value in being offensive AND in being offended -

market disruption

The facts and fallacies of market disruptio...

Jul 29, 2013No Comments

The term "disruption" remains popular in business schools and startups nationwide, but has there really been a shift, or is the risk/reward system different for


4 strategies to turn your brain from distra...

Jul 09, 20134 Comments

Life has become one constant distraction after another, threatening productivity of every one of us, but these non-traditional methods help rewire your brain.