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Is Technology Killing The Commercial Real Estate Market?

killing tech photoThere are the oblivious signs of the Commercial Real Estate Crisis. Price structures on the decline, lack of overall demand, job losses or layoffs, oversupply, tight lending practices or no lending at all for that matter. But is there an underlying factor that may contribute just as much and is not readily recognized?  I think it may be Technology.

There are some estimates that 137 million workers world wide Tele-commute. Companies looking to cut costs naturally look at labor savings first. Telecommuting saves on office space, supplies electricity, water usage, parking, lost productivity, ie: long lunches and checking scores (Sigh Da Bears) on ESPN.

How many of us have bought any number of items via Amazon, E-bay or other online retailers? I realize this may also be a generational thing; some still want to go into the actual store. I personally have purchased my last two cars online site unseen. One was shipped to me, the other I flew into the dealerships city. They picked me up at the airport providing a nice lunch. I calculated thousands of dollars of savings. Yes I still own both cars and they are in excellent shape. What about supporting local business? Hey what about creating a relationship with a customer? What Loyalty? What boundries? How many old dealership buildings are up for sale in your area?

How about the instant Mobile world we live in? Texting, Instant Messaging, Video, Voice Mail, Pictures etc. We can work any where at anytime we want. I receive and probably create some of the most interesting (to me) and important business related info when I am not in my office. Can you read any business related material and not see something that says Mobile is the next ..whatever?

What about the growth of the internet in general? Think back five or ten years. Think of the applications and online programs that exist today in comparison. In Commercial Real Estate we have a product called Zip Forms. If I have access to a computer or my phone for that matter, I can create and send an offer or document from anywhere at any time. How much easier is it to do anything for work and not be at work?

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Do people really need someplace to work? They do need someplace to live, at least most of us do. Will people miss out on the Culture or Synergistic environments that make a “Good to Great Company?” Do we all just meet at Starbuck’s or Panera in jeans sandals and three day beard to rule the world?

  • Do you think that Technology will change Commercial Real Estate forever?
  • Do you feel the Commercial Real Estate market will adapt and thrive or just survive?
  • How has Technology changed your Commercial Real Estate Business?
  • What Technologies for Commercial Real Estate are you working on NOW?

Interesting to me is the questions I raise more than the answers I can provide.

Written By

Broker/Owner in Lafayette, IN, whose passion is Commercial Real Estate with focus on Technology, Social Media, and Networking.



  1. Portland Condo Auctions

    December 2, 2009 at 7:45 pm

    If a computer can do it without the help of a human, then a computer should be doing it. I like to keep things local when I can, but when it comes to repetitive robotic tasks, lets let the computers handle them. If that means that business real estate goes down the tubes, then it is probably time. The end of all things comes at some point.


  2. Office Space Chris Hancock

    March 2, 2010 at 4:12 pm

    Do you think that Technology will change Commercial Real Estate forever?
    – Yes. As it relates to the office market, it will change the way tenants discover availabilities and how broker’s market to those availabilities. It should actually make the whole process of showing space more efficient.

    Do you feel the Commercial Real Estate market will adapt and thrive or just survive?
    – It must adapt to thrive. Commercial Real Estate is a competitive world and it is be or be killed. Technology put’s someone young like myself on a more level playing field with the old guys.

    How has Technology changed your Commercial Real Estate Business?
    – The way people find me, my space and my company is done all through optimization throughout the online world. It has also afforded me the opportunity to more thoroughly define my market climate and more easily predict future opportunities.

    What Technologies for Commercial Real Estate are you working on NOW?
    – I can’t give away all my secrets.

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