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What is ChatGPT and why should entrepreneurs care?

Is it right to ask an AI to justify its existence? The latest in generative chatbots might have even less of an answer than us.

chatgpt on laptop on desk

It’s so easy to be charmed by friendly robots.

From ‘pack bonding’ with Roombas to feeling instant affection for the dancing police bots of the 2020s, people have been (over?)empathizing with learning AI in various forms for a while now, while getting them closer to humans with each interaction.

Remember Furby?

Yeah, you do.

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Voice assistants have pre-programmed responses to our affections, and generative AI like today’s subject has captured CEO attention like it’s the new age of outsourcing all over again. But how are they are at coming up with answers to more existential questions?

OpenAI, makers of the rightly controversial Dall-E AI, have created another AI with the mission of learning to fill prompts and answer questions like a human would. To their credit, their ChatGPT bot looks like it’s able to field deeper queries about itself and generative AI as a whole just like a real-life PR pro!

Natasha Lomas threw it questions about the point and purpose of ChatGPT, and its answers were…actually pretty great from a publicity-generating standpoint.

“… by providing a more intuitive and human-like interface for AI, ChatGPT can help to make AI more approachable and less intimidating to users who are less familiar with technology. Overall, ChatGPT is intended to help humanity by improving the usability and effectiveness of AI.”

“It is important to note that my responses are not guaranteed to be perfect or always correct, and there may be cases where my responses may not be relevant, coherent, or appropriate.”

When asked about the political leanings of its donors, and the possibility of AI-generated racism, ChatGPT said in part, “as a language model, I am not able to provide any information on this topic.” and “…if a large language model is trained on a corpus of text data that includes a disproportionate amount of sexist or racist language, the model may be more likely to generate responses that reflect these biases [and]…may be more likely to generate responses that are limited or biased in their perspective.” respectively.

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Now with deeper open-ended questions like these, there’s only so much you can say about an AI that doesn’t provide essays-deep substantiative answers. Just like instant, so-called “art” AI can’t (or pretends it can’t…) draw hands, there’s a limit to how far it can go without the time to learn. But this sounds adequately media trained, if I do say so myself.

Not only is it decently okay at not generating controversy by staying humble, it reportedly does an okay job compiling relevant information to answer a specific question— one about Pokemon, which I love and respect.

As Toma asked it to list her out some digital monster-type strengths and weaknesses (grass beats water, water beats fire, etc for those of you who aren’t nerds), it did seem to give an analytical result instead of just where to find said results as the first page of Google did with query.

But I can’t be too impressed with what seems to be the bot putting things together on the surface.

AI can only amalgamate, not create, and my query (which Google auto-filled by the way) “what types of Pokemon are weak against another” brought up the same results through a human’s hard work, and credit, and a paycheck.

Why yes, it is that time in one of my articles! Regular readers will have been waiting on the tech hate for the past few hundred words, and here it is. AI is not able to steal like an artist. It just steals. It doesn’t source, it can’t be held accountable for its errors, and as we navigate a world where non-CEOs are seen as time-saving tools rather than team members with important input and bills to pay, it’s going to be yet another option to continue cudgeling help deskers and creatives alike.

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I don’t believe in saying ‘XYZ tech or a group of disadvantaged people is going to take our jobs’, but only because that shifts focus away from CEOs and founders making decisions. It concerns me looking at any given AI presenting itself as the sole face of others’ hard work, just like it’s always bothered me that calling in to do anything requires going through 18 different layers of screaming ‘REPRESENTATIVE’ into the receiver when a billion dollar company could easily afford to hire more well-paid people to save me the time in the first place.

It’s never “”””only”””” anything with any tech advancement. Photoshop as a tool combined with stock images as a resource did create new venues for amazing, difficult, valuable work. It just happened that ostensible job creators also used it to rip out the funding rug from under traditional and digital artists who could command a wage and create something memorable because it’s cheaper to slap/underpay a beginner to slap a shape and some text on an image they don’t truly care about while feeding the content beast.

Business owners are going to have some choices to make in the next few years as AI companies keep cropping up and their tools keep learning. Chief amongst them will be whether or not to save the expense of the credited human element in their companies’ offerings.

I’m not holding my breath for a positive outcome…but I am holding my breath to practice for when the bots finally make their move.

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You can't spell "Together" without TGOT: That Goth Over There. Staff Writer, April Bingham, is that goth; and she's all about building bridges— both metaphorically between artistry and entrepreneurship, and literally with tools she probably shouldn't be allowed to learn how to use.

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