Six useful foreclosure apps for Android and iPhone users

As a result of the current downturned economy, many homes have been foreclosed upon and are now bank or government owned. While this has been devastating for families and individuals across the country and even the world, it has created a unique opportunity for those searching for an affordable first home, investors looking for new opportunities for professional growth, and real estate agents helping their clients find the perfect home in the right price range. With that in mind, here are some Android and iPhone apps that allow anyone to search for foreclosure listings.

1. Complete Foreclosures (new)

Complete Foreclosures – Complete Foreclosures is a free app that is for both Android and iPhone users that we first introduced you to a week ago. This app allows users to search through recent foreclosures and homes that were foreclosed not-so-recently and are still available. It automatically lists the most recent foreclosures first, which makes it easier to sort through and to find exactly what you’re looking for. This powerful little app was even voted as one out of the top ten business apps featured in BusinessWeek and Forbes, and it is powered by RealtyTrac.

2. Foreclosure Search

Foreclosure Search – This free app is specifically for the iPhone. The foreclosure information provided in this app is powered by, which is a private company that is not affiliated with the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Foreclosure Search app is designed for realtors and lenders, and it focuses on foreclosed properties that are owned by the government and the major, well-known banks across the country.

3. Homes in Foreclosure

Homes in Foreclosure – Homes in Foreclosure is an Android app that is free to download and is for the investor, real estate agent, or individual looking for foreclosed homes to purchase. This app even has data sets for condos, town houses, single family homes, HUG, and income or rental properties.

4. Foreclosure Genie

Foreclosure Genie – The Foreclosure Genie app is marketed to investors who buy foreclosed homes or who buy and sell rental properties, and it costs $1.99 to download. This iPhone downloadable app isn’t just about finding the right foreclosure property. It also helps you calculate how much money you will make from it and how long it takes to get all your money back. However, Foreclosure Genie only allows you to store up to thirty properties at a time.

5. Foreclosures Canada

Foreclosures Canada – While all these other apps feature homes in the United States, this Android app is dedicated solely to foreclosed homes in Canada. So, this might be the perfect app if you’re an investor or real estate agent who is interested in the international market or you have clients who are looking for something internationally, assuming you currently live in the States. Plus, it’s free!

6. Foreclosure Organizer

Foreclosure Organizer PRO – For just under six dollars, you can download this app right onto your iPhone. Features allow you to manage lien searches, track your favorite foreclosed properties, email property information to your analysis team, and properties can be tracked by city, trustee, address, lot description, or the name of the mortgagor. This app is obviously meant for real estate professionals or investors.

With the use of these affordable foreclosure searching apps, you can find the right home for your financial needs, for your clients, or for your next investment property. Download one or download all of them, and you’ll be well on your way. Whether you’re an Android or iPhone user, there’s an app for you.

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