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Homeowner’s Association sues couple for sign supporting son’s military service

Photo by Jodi Burr via Facebook.

Troublesome sign

After a months long battle between Louisiana homeowners Jodi and Timothy Burr and the Gardens of Southgate Association over a sign in their yard, the homeowner’s association is suing the Burrs for refusal to remove the sign.

Months ago, the Burr family erected a three foot by six foot banner in their yard, honoring their son’s military service and were notified by the homeowner’s association that it must be removed.

“It shocks me greatly,” Jodi Burr told Fox News, given what she alleges to be a number of signs in yards across the subdivision tucked near Barksdale Air Force Base. Burr says signs supporting religion and schools can be seen across the neighborhood and believes the association’s lawsuit is “selective enforcement.”

The Association has not strayed from their statement this spring that claims the Association supports the message of the banner and thanks the family for their son’s service.

The Association notes that erection of the sign is in violation of the subdivision’s covenants which state that only builder or real estate signs may be allowed in public view.

Burr has suggested that she believes the association has a problem with the size of the sign more than anything but asserts communication has been strained, so she is not sure of the underlying reason.

The Burrs claim to have reached out to the association several times and asked to meet with the representatives to discuss their options as well as approach revisions to the covenants given the number of signs across the subdivision apart from theirs.

Family says the sign stays

Fox News reports that Burr says she is willing to alter the size of the banner and reached out to the Association, but on all counts including efforts to revise the covenants have yielded no response according to Burr.

The family has stated publicly that they have no intention on removing the sign.



  1. Augusta Real Estate

    July 26, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    Tough call. I am a patriot supporter and applaud the parents of this fine marine. Their desire to recognize their son is awesome. However I'm also a home owner in a neighborhood that has covenants. Not sure how it would look if every homeowner advertised in their yard with a large sign.

    Best wishes!!

    • Tracey West

      July 29, 2011 at 3:28 am

      Really? I think this is a little different than "advertising". I bet if it was a sign condemning the waror saying something bad about right wing conservatives, it would be defended as "Freedom of Speech"!

    • Liz Benitez

      August 23, 2011 at 11:37 am

      You point is valid Augusta but it sounds like there are several violators in the neighborhood and the Burrs are being singled out for the content of the sign.

  2. Joe Loomer

    July 27, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    We went through a similar HOA vs. Homeowner issue here recently – both sides had their stories, no one won. Our great town got a black eye in the press. There's probably a lot more to this, but if the family is willing to compromise on their demonstration of support – and the HOA is simply refusing to even meet and discuss it – it's not good.

    Navy Chief, Navy Pride

  3. Bobby

    August 2, 2011 at 3:52 pm

    Here is some information, the personal names of the Registering Agent and Directors for THE GARDENS OF SOUTHGATE ASSOCIATION, INC.:

    Domicile Address:
    SHREVEPORT, LA 71129

    Mailing Address:
    P.O. BOX 5369
    SHREVEPORT, LA 71135-5369

    Registered Agent(s)
    Address 1: 6850 KLUG PINES ROAD
    City, State, Zip: SHREVEPORT, LA 71129
    Appointment Date: 2/25/2005

    Title: Director
    Address 1: 6850 KLUG PINES ROAD
    City, State, Zip: SHREVEPORT, LA 71129
    Phone: 318-798-6890
    Other Address: 9402 Stonebriar Cir, Shreveport, LA 71115

    Title: Director
    Address 1: 6850 KLUG PINES ROAD
    City, State, Zip: SHREVEPORT, LA 71129
    Phone: 318-798-1440
    Other Address: 9402 Stonebriar Cir, Shreveport, LA 71115

    Officer: B. BRUCE SIMON (also a licensed residential builder)
    Title: Director
    Address 1: 1014 NORTH POINTE CIRCLE
    City, State, Zip: SHREVEPORT, LA 71106
    Phone: 318-797-2991, 318-798-9207
    Other Address: 1034 N Pointe Cir, Shreveport, LA 71106

  4. Lauren

    August 3, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    So my question is why are none of the people on that hoa list people that actually reside the neighborhood?!? Hmmm sounds fishy to me!

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