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Trulia Insights launches – let the slick infographics begin

Trulia data visualization

It is no secret that everyone here at AGBeat has an affinity for slick graphic design and infographics and a love for simplifying information in an aesthetic manner. So when we got a sneak peek at Trulia’s new data visualization site, Trulia Insights, we were excited about the idea of having visually appealing real estate data at our finger tips.

Especially in the post-acquiring-movity-era, Trulia has risen in prominence in the realm of visualizing data in real estate (example here) for consumers and for agents which ultimately helps bridge those two entities with each other and (here’s the tricky part) with Trulia. Smart business.

We spoke with Trulia’s Head of Communications, Ken Shuman who noted that the concept is new and although they’ve been doing data visualization, the team came up with the idea of a separate destination with focus on the visualized data because as Ken told us, “a picture really does tell a thousand words.”

Shuman said, it’s a win “if we’re able to take data that is complex and deliver insights for agents and consumers to understand what’s going on.”

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The most impressive part of Trulia Insights

Most impressive to us is that the Trulia Insights concept was born under two months ago and in true “mature startup” (as Shuman called it) fashion, they were able to execute quickly given their “nimble” culture. They have the lofty goal of producing two to three visualizations per month based on trends they discover and hot topics. They’ll likely present crime trends given their new crime heat maps full of new data, and plan on helping people understand how factors like schools add value to listings.

Originally, the concept was born from the idea of producing their existing monthly data reports (which they call “data sprints”) which evolved into the team saying “let’s have some fun with this” and provide more concise reports that are “less intensive but still give good information” which ultimately became Trulia Insights where data reports are “beautiful and elegant” and presented more along the lines of an infographic than an Excel spreadsheet. Brilliant.

We asked Shuman if the team was open to suggestions for data you would like to see visualized and he noted that they were so open that there is already a “What insights do you seek? Email us” button on the sidebar of Trulia Insights.

Using the data to your benefit

The above image is of their current data visualization and interactive infographic, “American Hotspots According to Non-Americans,” which right out of the gates is a win for Realtors looking to appeal to investors with their blog (if Brazilians search your city more than others, it’s time to blog “Investors from Brazil flock to Miami – success stories”). The multiple interactive flows is extremely helpful and gives you various ways of seeing the data.

What do you think not only of Trulia Insights? Go play with the site and report back to us your thoughts.

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AGBeat is not affiliated with Trulia.

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  1. Ken brand

    June 15, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    This is so smart and doable when you have most all the data in one place instead of hundreds of fractured MLSs. Because agent nation doesn't own a national aggeration (RPR isn't an MLS), then 3rd parties innovate, attract viewers and sell us rubes (the very people who provide the DNA that drives value) ads and flair to highlight our own listings.. Congrats to Trulia, head shake to National Brands and strategic thinking for industry leadership.

  2. Dustin Fiehl

    June 20, 2011 at 3:31 am

    Trulia just keeps innovating and getting better! Realtors' smiles are from ear to ear definitely! Suggestions for and comments about Insights will surely be pouring in…

  3. Chris Lori

    October 24, 2012 at 5:15 am

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