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Webby Awards celebrates 15 years, real estate nominees announced

Today, the 15th annual Webby Awards nominees have been announced which includes multiple nominees in the real estate industry.

The Webbys are an annual global award presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences for excellence on the Internet.

The four categories are websites, interactive advertising, online film plus video and mobile with numerous subcategories, each of which are given two awards- top winner and people’s choice.

This year in the Website Category’s subcategory real estate category, five companies have been nominated:

No other category named a real estate related company, however, Zillow Mobile got a nod in the “Utilities & Services” subcategory in Mobile for their apps on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile. Other nominees in the category are AIM iPhone App, Chase Quick Deposit, Petfinder App, and the Snow+Rock Pathfinder WP7 App.

Winners and nominees of years past:

The real estate category was added in 2005 and one anomaly that is noteworthy is that every year, traditional news organizations (either NYT or WSJ) are nominated but have yet to win an overall award or a people’s choice award in the category.

Also of note is that no winner has won the overall award or people’s choice more than once (although several have one in one or the other but no more than twice) and that each year, a brokerage is named but has yet to win.

Let’s take a look at winners of the past so we can make predictions for 2001.

  • 2010 Winner- HotPads, People’s Choice- Zillow. Other nominees- Trulia, NYT Real Estate Section (NYT), NakedApartments.
  • 2009 Winner- Trulia, People’s Choice- HotPads. Other nominees- NYT, RiverFrontPark.com, BHGRealEstate.com.
  • 2008 Winner-Zillow, People’s Choice- Trulia. Other nominees- RentoMatic.com, LivingHomes.net, Unit9.com.
  • 2007 Winner- bankside123.co.uk, People’s Choice- Yahoo! Real Estate. Other nominees- Corcoran.com, NYT, WSJ Real Estate Section (WSJ).
  • 2006 Winner- NRDC.org/buildinggreen, People’s Choice- TollBrothers.com. Other nominees- HomePages.com, lohorealty.com, ChipsForSale.co.uk.
  • 2005– Winner- RowsAtSoma.com, People’s Choice- Apartments.com. Other nominees- Rent.com, WSJ, HousePlans.com.

Predicting the 2011 winner:

So now that you know history hasn’t awarded a brokerage nor repeated a winner in a category, nor awarded a traditional media outlet, this HAS to be the year that trends are bucked because that leaves no one that could win based on the winners of the past. That said, who do YOU think will win in the real estate category?

Click here to vote on the Real Estate Webby Awards for 2011
and feel free to share your vote in the comments below and let us know why you think your choice will win.


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