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Employers: What ONE question do you always ask during a job interview?

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(BUSINESS NEWS) The job interview process is nothing if not a bay of questions. Here are some interview questions to anticipate.

Let me ask you…

When one thinks of the interview process, generally what comes to mind is being inundated with questions.

However, this is not something to be fearful of but rather something to take advantage of as it is your time to shine as an individual.


Changing the dialogue

Receiving questions outside of the normal “explain your role at your previous job” gives you the opportunity to promote your communication skills as well as your personality.

A number of professionals – including recruiters, hiring managers, and business leaders – weighed in on their go-to end-of-interview questions.

Questions from the professionals

“Describe an instance where you and your supervisor had a difference in opinion. How did you resolve it?” – Amanda Osuna, Recruiting Manager at Accruent.

“What’s your proficiency level with (core skill related to job) on a scale of 1-10? Then use their response to tee up the follow-on questions to that skill, at that level of difficulty. The only person who rated themselves a 10 on (skill)… very much regretted it” – Anonymous CEO.

“If you have multiple offers (or a counter offer from your current company), why would you choose one company or opportunity over the others?” – Dustin Laycock, Senior Technical Recruiter at RetailMeNot.

'What would your colleagues say it is like to work with you?' - Scott Huber, Director Talent Strategy at Liaison Creative Marketing.Click To Tweet

“1. Tell me about a time you turned a ‘no’ into a ‘yes.’ 2. Here’s a whiteboard and a marker. Teach me something I probably don’t know – anything” – Isaiah McPeak, CEO at statUP.

“What have you been up to most recently?” – Lance McGraw, Recruiter at Creative Circle.

McGraw went on to explain that, since they are going through a huge number of candidates for different roles, he tries to allow the candidate at hand to establish a conversational tone in order to sense a culture fit. He feels that there is “truly no wrong to this question” and is a tell of what the candidate’s priorities may be.

Food for thought

While this is a just a drop in the bucket of the questions one may be faced with during an interview, the diversity of these professionals’ responses is something worth keeping in mind for the next time you find yourself in an interview position.


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