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3 ways to increase the chances your email marketing gets read

Not all email marketing is successful, but there are three ways to rapidly improve the ROI of your efforts, and they don’t involve magic or any tech savviness, but can greatly increase the chances your message will be received.

The challenge of reaching recipients

You send out marketing emails. You have clients and/ or prospects on drip marketing programs. But there’s one problem; your emails (the things that you’ve spent countless hours designing, writing, and re-writing!) are just not reaching your recipients. This is a concern that has been growing in magnitude among professionals in most industries, from real estate to retail.

So just why are your emails not being received and what can you do to improve your email deliverability rate? Let me discuss three solutions that will help.

Quick tips

You don’t want emails going directly into junk mail folders so the first thing that you should do is to request that your clients and prospects add you to their whitelist or “safe senders” list. It’s easy to add someone to a safe senders list, and usually requires just one or two clicks with popular mail clients such as Outlook and Gmail.

A tip is to make sure you’re not using words in your emails that are likely to go directly into spam folders. Run your email through a reputable spam checker (you can find free ones online) to ensure there’s no red flags in the wording you’re using.

Secondly, we know that attaching large files to an email can be like putting cheese in a mousetrap from a spam filter standpoint. What you’ll want to do is add a hyperlink in your email that will link to specific content. This serves to both increase email deliverability rate and eliminate the hassle of having to worry about size limits of attachments that can be sent through email.

The last piece of advice is to make certain you’re using a professional, dedicated email service provider (ESP) to send out your email communications. This alone ensures your email deliverability rates are maximized. If you’re sending out emails through your CRM, make sure the CRM utilizes a dedicated ESP because if it doesn’t, you may want to re-consider where you’re sending your emails from. The best CRM’s will utilize a dedicated ESP.

When it comes to email marketing, you don’t have to feel in the dark. Use these tips to help you ensure your emails are being seen by the people you want to see them.



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    March 9, 2012 at 11:33 am

    What is a CRM?

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