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AGBeat introduces Likeable Interactive Advertising with Facebook integration

October 12, 2011

The 125 pixel ads are gone!

Instead, we’re introducing text based likeable advertising to our audience. Connected to Facebook, visitors can see if a product is well known and recommended, or if a product is early in adoption.

For advertisers, it presents a very unique opportunity for visitors to get a sense of your brand via your Facebook interaction before opting to try a product, and obviously, like and recommend the product once they’ve experienced it.

Visitors can fan and recommend their favorite brands to their peers, or even unlike those they don’t – obviously, it works both ways. It’s good for the advertiser, good for the visitor, and thus great for AGBeat.

This and several other interactive products are in beta here at AGBeat in an attempt to empower our readers to make great buying decisions. So stay tuned! There’s more on the way!

So don’t just take our word for it, what do your friends say?

Likeable Ads, exclusively on AGBeat 


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