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How to get the new Twitter profile layout

ford twitter

(Social Media) Twitter has rolled out a new profile page layout, and you can get it early with a few simple clicks.

ford twitter

Twitter gets some new sweet digs

If you spend any time at all surfing through Twitter, you have probably notice that some Twitter profiles look a bit different. This is due to the new “cover photo-like” format Twitter has been testing for some time now. You will also notice the new three-column layout.

If you are ready to give it a whirl early, here’s what you need to do:

Visit the new profile setup page from your desktop browser; it will not work properly from a phone/mobile device.

Then, scroll down just a little and you will see a blue “get it now” button. Click it and you will be prompted to sign in, if you aren’t already and you are ready to customize your new profile layout.

Something to keep in mind: while there is a button to revert back to the old layout, if you do not like the new one, a lot of people are reporting that it does not work and they are stuck wit the new layout. This can be annoying, but keep in mind, Twitter will be rolling out this update to everyone soon. So, you may want to get used to the new look now.

What else is new in Twitter land?

Aside from the new look, you will notice you can pin tweets to the top of your steam, allowing you to reorder them to your liking. So, if you are an avid fan of something science fiction, but want to keep your business persona, business-like, you can drag those business tweets to the top, hiding the others; so someone’s first impression of your Twitter profile is all business.

Twitter has also added new filters so you can filter tweets with replies, tweets with photos, or just tweets, allowing you to find what you need, quickly. Something else to be aware of, especially for businesses, Twitter is now keeping track of how many times you tap the “favorite” button. So, you will be able to see how many times, or perhaps how engaged, someone is with Twitter simply by looking at this number.

Also tweets that do better, have more favorites/retweets/etc., will be displayed larger than other tweets. There is no word yet as to when this new look will be rolled out to the non-profile streams within Twitter.


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