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Lightt: cool app that is a hybrid of photo and video sharing


Lightt is an iPhone app developed to be the medium in between photography and videography, and offers a fun new third option, especially useful for social media managers and socialites.


Lightt: the space between photography and videography

If you’ve ever wanted to or felt a need to capture your life through a medium in between photography and videography, the Lightt app might be something you’ll want to play with. To begin, you just have to tap the screen once you’re in the app and Lightt will take ten seconds worth of pictures, creating something akin to a connected slideshow. This is called a highlight, which is meant to capture a moment of your life that can be shared with friends, loved ones, fans, or just random people on the internet.

These highlights you capture and share can be slowed down or sped up, depending on the viewing experience you’re looking for. According to the app description, Lightt allows you to create highlights in “the speed of your memory,” which just basically means you can view it however you want to view it, in a “seamless stream” or slowly and individually. Viewers of your highlights can go backwards or forwards and back again, meaning every viewer’s experience can be unique, even if the same exact highlight is being watched.

Lightt “highlights” immediately shareable

Lightt makes is easy to upload your highlights immediately to Facebook and Twitter, and is compatible with iPhone 4s and newer. The Lightt app seems to fit between the instant photographical nature of Instagram and the more interactive viewing experience of YouTube. Viewers of your highlights can leave comments and upload their own highlights for viewing.

This app is designed for amusement, and that’s obvious. However, just as with similar apps, you could use it to capture a behind-the-scenes highlight of your company or your employees. This app won’t take your company or brand to the next level, but it can be a fun way to interact with your customers and fans and be social. Show your playful side with Lightt and show the important part of any brand, the people that fuel it.

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