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Tang is an interesting Snapchat competitor, but with its own niche

Tang is the geographic-specific alternative to Snapchat, but is nowhere near a replacement for Snapchat. They’re doing their own thing.

Social media continues to evolve and niche

It’s natural that whenever something gains popularity, others attempt their own take on the item at hand. Such is the case with Snapchat, the popular, temporary photo-sharing app that has become less of a form of communication and more of its own realm of social media.

Tang could be classified as a form of Snapchat rivalry, as it also a form of temporary communication. However, Tang is not a copycat of Snapchat’s as it specializes in photo and video sharing based solely on geographic location.

What is Tang?

According to the company, “Tang is a geographic, temporary social media network that allows users to see what others are up to. Users post photos or 10-second videos, and set a time limit to those posts between 2 minutes and 48 hours. From there, they add captions and hashtags and share the post with the world.

“Users searching for posts can search via hashtags, by geographic radius, or both. Imagine searching #party within 5km.”

How it works

The set up is visibly similar to the “explore posts” section of Instagram, as it is laid out in a photo grid format. The idea is to see what people are up to in your area, in that moment.

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The grids are broken up into categories of ‘most recent’ and ‘most popular’, and users can set the radius of how far away they would like to see posts from. Tang’s utilization is broken up into four purposes.

First, you can post photos or videos (up to 10 seconds in length) along with a caption to share with others. Second, set the radius and see posts from different distances. Third, time limits are available, ranging between two minutes and 48 hours. Setting a time limit helps to keep content fresh. Fourth, create and search hashtags to find posts that interest you.

Post privacy is also available, as public or private share-ability can be selected. Some may prefer to share their happenings only with their friends. However, this is more of Snapchat’s angle, and may defeat the purpose of using Tang.

Tang – good for travel

Tang may not be as useful in smaller areas, but could be fun and idea-invoking for thoughts on activities in larger cities. It may also be beneficial to use while traveling for ideas of what to do around town.

Again, Tang is by no means a copy of Snapchat. If anything, this startup shows that it is most definitely OK to challenge a powerhouse, especially if you have a different, more specified take.

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Staff Writer, Taylor Leddin is a publicist and freelance writer for a number of national outlets. She was featured on Thrive Global as a successful woman in journalism, and is the editor-in-chief of The Tidbit. Taylor resides in Chicago and has a Bachelor in Communication Studies from Illinois State University.

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