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Rockpack is like Pinterest or Flipboard for video curation


Rockpack gives users an environment to share, categorize, and store their favorite videos.


Rockpack video curation app is gorgeous

Rockpack is an app for iPad, iPhone, as well as a bookmarklet for web browsers, that provides a visual environment for gathering and viewing videos under “channels,” or categories. You can open it up and browse by genres, brands, or channels that have been created by celebrities, friends, family, or favorite companies. You can also create your own criteria for searching, making it more personalized. You subscribe to any video that you like and it is added to your list, or channel. If you are using the iPad or iPhone app, simply tap the “+” sign that appears next to a video you like, and add it to your channel.

Your channels can be as broad or as specific as you like. Each channel can be personalized with its own unique cover photo, or any photo of your choosing to make it stand out from your other channels, because this cover photo will become the backdrop for your channel. Also, any videos you add will appear in your own personal feed for your friends to see. You can then subscribe to your friends and family’s channels to see what they are sharing. Much like Flipboard, where you can “flip” an article you like into your own personalized magazine, RockPack allows you to say this video “rocks” to your friends or followers.

Using Rockpack for your business

For those of you who are avid YouTube users, you can create and curate a channel for your product releases, reviews, or testimonials. By using Rockpack, you could quickly create a channel for each section you want to share with others, and in a few minutes it could be seen by the majority of Rockpack users. And the more often it is shared, the more likely it is that people will become interested in not only your videos, but your brand. This could be another great marketing avenue. It is a bit like Pinterest in that respect, but instead of creating boards for your information, you are creating channels. It is another way to get consumers to interact with your content. And positive interaction is a good thing.

Most of the reviews for Rockpack say that the interface is very simple to use and share with friend and I definitely agree with that assessment. I find it to be comparable to Pinterest because you find something you like, click the “+” (instead of “pin it”), and you are ready to share with others. It really is simple. And as more and more people discover Rockpack you will be able to reach a larger audience with ease.

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