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Social networks getting more niche: FitCliq is like Tinder for fitness buds

FitCliq helps you connect with people who share your passion (or lack thereof) about fitness, proving the value of social networks getting more and more niche-centric.


Get active with FitCliq

Let’s face it – we aren’t meant to be alone. There is too much inherent joy in sharing smiles, giggles or even leaning on someone during more challenging events life shoves in your direction.

Doing anything by yourself, in most circumstances, isn’t as enjoyable as sharing the experience with a companion. The hardest workouts are no exception to that rule. Two is better than one and FitCliq gets that.

What is FitCliq?

FitCliq, a new app developed for fitness enthusiasts, works much like Tinder, but for the fitness industry. The company is calling it a “social exercise mobile app.”

For those who have previously leaned on music (still a great choice) to bulldoze their way through a tough workout, it seems you may have a more conversational option thanks to this new app.

You may need someone who “gets” it

Sometimes your mom, best friend or siblings just don’t get the level of difficulty, dedication or achievement you feel after finishing a triathlon or conquering a Spartan Race. What if you could not only find someone who “gets” it, but you can also meet up with a friend to complete these mega fitness events as a dynamic duo?

Maybe you need a companion for your next 5k, or you’ve had the urge to find other individuals in your community that love mountain biking or rock climbing even though you live in a flat state. FitCliq can link you with other fit friends, and help you finding others that are at a similar skill level.

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Just like Tinder

So, like Tinder, you can browse the person’s interests and hobbies before deciding you “like” them. You’ll swiping right or left to determine a fellow fit fanatic’s fate; then, when you find a mutual match, you’ll be instantly connected. After finding a match, FitCliq allows you to chat, share posts and inspire one another to master any rigorous routine.

It’s that simple.

This app has barely gotten off the ground, but since the recent surge in interest in activities like Crossfit and obstacle races, it seems like a homerun for FitCliq architects (pun intended).

Fit freaks finally have an outlet that links them to other like-minded individuals. Now, there’s no reason to hunt on FarmersOnly for your next muscle bond prince or princess. Good hunting!


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Staff writer, Ashley Lombardo, earned her B.S. in journalism from The University of Florida and has used her skills to report on everything from the economy to productivity. She is well-known for her tremendously positive presence, and when she's not trying to save the world she indulges in red wine, friends, fitness, books, bubble baths, shoes, family and love.

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1 Comment

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