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There’s a new Twitter growth hack tool on the block


Twitter is a tough social media to dominate, but if you like robots and everything robots, there’s a new startup that wants to help you automate your efforts.

We can all use a little Twitter help

Trick question: How effective is your message if you are delivering it to an empty room?

Answer: Not effective at all, which is why getting a community of people to listen to you is important. Whether you provide a service or sell a product, neither can be done without a community of people that are actually interested.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are excellent ways to build that community and spread that message, but what if you have no followers? It’s just like talking to an empty room, which is what Hashbot, an automated growth hacking tool for Twitter aims to resolve.

No people, no sales

Hashbot realizes that an empty room is no good, and offers an easy three-step process to combat that using the #Hashtag. After giving Hashbot your Twitter info, you will first have to set a target using a Hashtag that your prospects will potentially use, i.e. #RealEstate targets those looking for homes, and #Advertising for those needing marketing.

Next, set the customized automated message they will receive on behalf of your business, in response to the targeted hashtag; if it’s someone that used the #RealEstate hashtag, you’d say something like “@User need a home? I know just the right Realtor.” This will grab the attention of users, and potentially provoke them to respond; overall growing your following and increasing feedback. At least that’s the Hashbot robot’s theory.

Don’t turn your back on Twitter quite yet

Hashbot is a service solely for Twitter, which isn’t the most popular social media platform as of late, but does still boast a large following.

If you are just starting a business or trying to grow your following, going without Twitter shouldn’t be an option just yet. Even if it’s popularity is dwindling, Twitter has millions of active users, which are therefore prospects that could be crucial for your business’ growth.

Hashbot is great for those without an existing Twitter account, or those interested in revamping, or growing current followers. It is also free in beta for now, which makes this a zero risk option for a potentially high rewarding situation.


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1 Comment

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