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Nest thermostat inspires late night geek texts

nest thermostat

The Nest Thermostat is finally going mainstream, and is becoming so popular that friends are actually texting each other about it late at night, it’s that inspiring.

nest thermostat

Nest thermostat – programming to save

The Nest Thermostat is smart, sleek energy-efficient design that is easy to install and is even more simple to use and then save money… who wouldn’t want it and who wouldn’t want to text about it late-night-style?


Dear Friend texts me last night: You familiar with Nest Thermostats?

Me: They are super-sweet! Are you going to get one? They like “know” when you’re coming home! Smart little buggers.

Friend:I’m trying to convince the wifey, maybe you can help work on her for me?

Me: I’ll see what I can do! What have you shared with her?

Friend: Just that I think it will save on energy bills and that we will actually understand how to use it- we don’t mess with the one we have now.

Me: Yeah. I have a client who installed one in his townhouse and he totally noticed a difference-mostly because he didn’t get the crappy old one he had. He can also program it to his iPhone!

Friend: YA! That’s what I dig about it.

Me: I’ll chit chat with yo woman.

Friend: preesh…. no rush- just whenever it comes up…

Me: K

Because… you know how often women speak of thermostats casually… But in all seriousness, I totally will talk to his lady-love about it, because these little things that my client sent me a text about at like nine o’clock at night are amazing and sometimes we do talk about energy efficiency stuff, because I am a total nerd and I will bring it up randomly.Yes, I sure will.

Satisfy the Eco-Techie Within

When most people think of energy efficiency, they probably think of new appliances and the Energy Star program or replacing light-bulbs to Compact Florescent or LEDs. What should probably come to mind first is the actual air coming in and out of the home and how it is being heated and cooled. One thing that we often take for granted in our homes after we have feathered our pretty little nests is that we want to be comfortable where we lay our heads.

Comfort isn’t necessarily being wrapped up in a down blanket, and snuggling up in your favorite chair, comfort also stems from the air we are surrounded with, the air we breathe, and that air that makes us too hot, too cold or just right. If you are either sweating or shivering in your own home, you aren’t comfortable, right? Nest Thermostat seem to have thought of it all, when they came up with the eco-techie design behind their innovative thermostat which takes energy efficiency and stands it on its head.

A Simple Program

The simplification of their energy efficiency product comes from several things. Nest thermostats are  not just a  sleek design, but a smart product that pulls data and recalls it to take what the developers have deemed haters of programmable thermostats and the technology behind some of the complicated beasts and made them into their streamlined, simple, smart and above all, user friendly home devices. 

They have even gone so far to say on their blog “The Nest Learning Thermostat was designed for people who don’t like programming thermostats, which is about 90% of the population. That’s why we invented schedule learning – Nest’s ability to remember the temperature changes you make, add them to a schedule, and adjust that schedule over time.”

But what about the other 10%? Some Nest owners want to create their schedule themselves and stick to it. No learning, no automatic adjusting, just a thermostat that works for busy families who don’t have regular weekly schedules or for homeowners who want to know exactly what’s coming.” This seems to be a delightfully well rounded product  for the eco-techie looking to save without having to do much more than add a new device, simple really.

Take ‘er for a Spin

As a total self-proclaimed energy efficiency nerd, I am in awe of these thermostats because in our current home, the programmable thermostat that we have is new, but it makes me want to rip it out of the wall and beat it with a hammer, and I’m a pacifist- what gives? Uhm, have a second? I will tell you: we didn’t get an instruction manual with it, and you can’t tell what the heck you’re doing when trying to program the schedule and you can’t find one online, unfortunately. 

Now that I have several friend/clients hitting me up in the wee hours (yeah, I may hit up the early-bird times, guys- don’t judge) to ask about the Nest thermostat, and I have a few who have reveled in their sheer delight over the product, it might be time to pull down the semi-old-school programmable thermostat and take on the eco-techie novel concept and take ‘er for a spin.

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