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microsoft surface rt

10 must have apps for Microsoft Surface RT

June 12, 2013

microsoft surface rt

Apps for Microsoft Surface RT

Although the Microsoft Surface RT is often compared to the iPad, it appears to be more of a Google Chromebook competitor to us, which could be the reason that Google won’t play along nicely and has refused to allow its app in the Windows app stores for phones and tablets. Also, it feels strange to think of Microsoft as an underdog, given their history, but in the burgeoning tablet world, it most certainly is. Because of that status, it is likely that more developers will flock to the Microsoft tablet to improve the availability of apps, but for now, the following 25 apps are worth checking out and can all be found in the Windows Store on your device.

While the tablet already comes with full functionality and is easier to set up than its tablet competitors, we’ve become accustomed to app hunting, so here we go:

1. Metro Commander

File management is particularly important for those using their Surface in a professional setting, and while it comes with a file manager, the Metro Commander app makes the experience much more conducive to use without a stylus.

metro commander

2. MyTime

This free app is a timer. Seriously, it’s that simple. A full screen countdown timer.


3. Qool

Qool is like a pinboard for all of your digital content – notes, pictures, videos, documents. It offers easy drag and drop features in “structure-free and rich canvases” that sync between all Windows 8 devices.


4. Eyelan Tasks

This is like task management with a double dose of vitamins aimed at boosting your productivity and saving time. Everything stays in context, you can search all tasks by text, arrange them on boards, and change their status instantly.


5. To Do

Task management for lazy people. No, really, it’s void of the trillions of options Eyelan offers which is good for super busy people or those too easily distracted by options. It’s the equivalent to the ol’ pad and paper for your to do list.


6. Last Pass

This password manager remembers your passwords, adds security to your online activities, allows you to log in to all sites with one click, and synchronizes all of your data across platforms and devices. Genius.


7. PDF Touch

Read PDFs, and make notes like you’re writing with pen on paper, then share them. Easy peasy.


8. Pulse (RSS reader)

Pulse is a very popular and quite sexy RSS tool, offering a tile design that lets you scroll and swipe to your heart’s content, but it is limited to 20 feeds, so it’s really only for your favorite subscriptions (like AGBeat, of course).


9. TouchMail

Coming soon, this app will be functional, giving you an alternative mail app that allows sorting, categorization and easy swipe options along with standard compose and reply features.


10. Fotor

Most people agree that Fotor is the best photo editing app available for the Surface RT and it has high quality editing options, a RAW converter, and even a tilt-shift effect.


Stay tuned, we’ll be sharing more apps for Microsoft Surface RT soon.

Marti Trewe reports on business and technology news, chasing his passion for helping entrepreneurs and small businesses to stay well informed in the fast paced 140-character world. Marti rarely sleeps and thrives on reader news tips, especially about startups and big moves in leadership.


  1. Great, but who has a Surface RT?

    • Lots of people, dumbass

  2. Great Article….here is our list of top five apps for surface. Looks like Todo made most lists!

  3. Hi,inforamtive article i recently got Surface Rt surely try on it thanks

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