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Android friendzoned by Virgin Mobile as Apple sweeps in to take their place

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(TECH NEWS) Virgin Mobile shacks up in a partnership with Apple that kicks Android to the curb.

Virgin needed a new start and liked what they saw

Apple announced this week that they have added their first new carrier since 2013: Virgin Mobile USA. Virgin has ditched Android and is making moves to eventually become an iPhone only network.

It is all a part of Virgin’s plan to revamp their business. As of now Virgin Mobile is known for prepaid phones. By partnering with Apple, Virgin wants to improve their mobile services, putting them in line with their more high-end airlines, hotels and wine clubs. Virgin also sees a benefit in using Apple’s retail locations since they do not have any physical Virgin stores open.

More than friends with benefits

This saves money for Virgin because they can offer iPhones on their site, while Apple stores will set customers up with their service. Apple is fully on board with the newly found partnership.

Richard Branson, co-founder of the Virgin Group, has expressed interest in doing business with Apple for a while.

He was impressed with Apple’s involvement in advocating human rights and social causes.

The juicy details

To start out, Virgin Mobile services will be offered in the Apple store and then online in the future. When buying a phone, Virgin customers will need to pay full price although they will not be obligated to sign a contract.

Customers that want to buy refurbished iPhones from either Virgin or Apple will be offered a special deal. Their service will only cost $1 per month for a full year. After that, services will increase to $50 a month. The refurbished phones will still come with the Apple warranty.

Is it serious?

Apple currently offers carriers like Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. However, this is the first time in four years that they have decided to add another service. The future of the Apple and Virgin partnership appears strong.

It is beneficial for both sides in addition to being a bonus for Virgin Mobile customers who would like to switch to an iPhone.

As for any Virgin Mobile users wanting an Android, it looks like it’s time to give up that dream. With plans to become the first iPhone only carrier, it seems that Virgin and Apple are bound for life.


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