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Apple and Tesla focus on building solar pan...

Jul 11, 2016No Comments

(TECH NEWS) Tesla has been innovating alternative powers for quite a while, solar paneled car roofs are the next step in their plan to help

artificial intelligence

Apple is set to level up with better AI (ar...

Jun 14, 2016No Comments

Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Macbook were all innovative at their release, but now the updates to them seem kind of predictable. It makes sense they

iphone social media texting

The FBI and Apple are still going at it ove...

May 16, 2016No Comments

The kerfuffle between the FBI and Apple continues (raise your hand if you’re shocked).

woman smartphone calling

Why we all might want a smaller iPhone afte...

Apr 05, 2016No Comments

Imagine a Corvette squeezed into a Volkswagen - for half the price. Boom.


Apple continues to fight court order, we ha...

Feb 23, 2016No Comments

Apple has been in a standoff against the FBI for a few weeks and neither side seems willing to budge. Here’s the latest development and

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Apple says their hacking San Bernardino att...

Feb 17, 2016No Comments

A federal court has ruled that Apple must build a backdoor into a terrorist's iPhone, sparking a national debate on how to balance national security


5 ways Apple nabs top talent (and you can, ...

Jan 07, 2016No Comments

Apple is known for attracting top talent, but how do they do it? What do they look for? How do they spot the best? More

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Facebook adds support for Apple Live photos

Dec 29, 2015No Comments

Facebook has just added support for Apple's Live photos, and the world just got a little more Harry Potter-esque!


Topsy is dead 2 years after Apple spent $2M...

Dec 21, 20152 Comments

Topsy is officially dead. The technology that stored every tweet ever published was acquired by Apple and a mere 2 years later no longer exists.

apple carplay

Apple and Mercedes-Benz get cozy over CarPl...

Dec 14, 2015No Comments

Attention Apple fans, you’re about to get excited. Apple recently announced that they will offer CarPlay in new Mercedes-Benz vehicles (as well as many others).


Sneaky new feature on Apple’s iOS 9 c...

Sep 30, 2015No Comments

Apple's latest iOS release has created a bit of a stir and not for the usual reasons. A new feature may be burning through data.

siri give us a hint

Apple’s sassiest event announcement e...

Aug 28, 20151 Comment

Siri is being used in a fascinating way - by teasing you about the upcoming event where Apple will unveil their next generation of products.