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AR is not dead: Apple may produce their own augmented reality glasses

(TECHNOLOGY) While Apple has not confirmed the development of augmented reality (AR) glasses, they just might be the best group to create the glasses.

Man wearing AR glasses

Apple comes up with just enough new updates to consistently release new iPhones and largely maintain their customer loyalty and hold on to the smartphone (and smartphone accessories) market in the United States (though Android has the market globally). With their historically large $365+ billion dollars made in the 2021 fiscal year, one could wonder what’s next for the company. Sure, their consistently increasing sales don’t seem to be in danger, but a company that prides itself on innovation must have something up their sleeve, right? Cue augmented reality (AR) glasses. Maybe. Probably. Most likely.

Apple hasn’t directly confirmed (or denied) that they’re developing the glasses, but there have been a good few leaks with seemingly solid information. While there was some speculation that the glasses could be available by the end of 2022 (perhaps in time for the holiday season), new insight points to 2023 as the more likely year.

So, with companies such as Snapchat and even Google trying their hand at AR glasses and unfortunately failing, what makes Apple so different? There are a few reasons:

  • Again, consumer loyalty. People love to buy accessories for their smartphones, and Apple users are no different and greatly enjoy the many design options that come with owning an iPhone. With Apple’s history of sleek designs that people enjoy, it should stand to reason that any AR glasses would follow suit.
  • Better roll-out. Where a large part of Snapchat’s Spectacles downfall came from the gap between their announcement/initial marketing and official sales, Apple’s roll-outs are much more highly anticipated and welcomed. Though they would also be testing a new market, their reputation in the tech community definitely precedes them.
  • Apple’s processing. With the company’s experience of creating efficient processing speeds and quality user experience, they arguably have a better understanding how what customers want and need from yet another tech product. Bonus points if it can rely on the iPhone itself for some of its processing needs.

Whether you’re Team iPhone or Team Android, there’s no denying that Apple is one of the best companies primed to make a positive impact on the AR initiative. Here’s also to hoping that people who already need glasses won’t face an issue akin to having to put sunglasses on top of their normal ones. (For those who don’t know: it’s rough.)

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Angelica Hernandez has a BA in Writing from Texas Christian University, where she strengthened her adoration of rhetoric and using the Oxford comma. In her off-time, she enjoys going to the gym and baking; she says it's all about balance.

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