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Audobox is the new bad boy of user feedback tools


Whether you’re a developer or have developers on your team, Audobox is changing the game for app feedback, making the process more efficient and fast.


Audobox takes it to a whole ‘nother level

Audobox gives you a snazzy, not to mention, easy-to-use tool to let you collect audio feedback from your mobile app’s users. Find out what is important to your customers by making it easy and fun for them to tell you what is going on, using their own voice. Audobox can improve understanding, as well as, efficiency. No more frustrating report to fill out. No more losing users because they do not understand the process, or want to do through multiple steps to send feedback.

Instead of making your users type out a bug report, with system data, issues, and screenshots; let them tap a button. All users will need to do is tap “record feedback” in the upper right of the Audobox app, and then press and hold down the microphone button, to record up to thirty seconds of feedback. The clever countdown feature shows users how much time they have left and encourages them to send you a full thirty seconds of feedback by making it fun. When they are done recording, they will simply let go and the recording will be sent; which also has a countdown feature so users know their feedback has been successfully sent.

Useful for your company’s toolbox

For app developers, set up is easy: two simple steps. Just download and add the library and copy three lines of code (with further customization available). And you are ready to go. You also have a dashboard to let you see who sent a reply, from what type of device (Nexus, HTC, etc.), what language they are using, and when the feedback was sent. You can also directly reply to a user from the dashboard, if you found something particularly useful, or want more information about a problem.

This is definitely a good tool for the app developer’s toolbox. With its clean, easy-to-navigate design, Audobox offers a fast, effective way to get feedback from users without making the user do additional work. And let’s face it: the easier it is, the more likely you are to get useful feedback to improve your app.

Audobox is currently available in the Google Play store, with iOS app development underway. Their Twitter feed mentions Window phone compatibility further down the line as well.

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