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Bringrr puts an invisible leash on all of your stuff


(Tech News) Bringrr is the newest innovation in the lost and found arena, and it does a lot more than just tag your belongings – check it out!


Bringrr is one of the newest tracking innovations

Unlike other tags, Bringrr is a whole system of management for your items. Bringrr is centered on a patented car charger and when combined with BringTags and the Bringrr App, comprises a complete system for tracking and recovering items. Beyond the car, users can leverage the Bringrr App to track down a misplaced tagged item by distance or sound, within a 50-150ft range.

Bringrr tags last approximately one year and when the battery dies you can send them back in to be recycled. Bringrr tags come in seven colors and work similar to other tagging devices, but what makes Bringrr different is: you can use every Bringrr user to help you find your lost item. When a Bringrr user gets within range of the missing item, you will receive a notification of the location, securely and anonymously.

The Bringrr app will also give you the last known GPS location of your missing item (Bringrr users are never shown any other user’s physical location).

Know you’ve left something behind before you drive away

Each time you start your car, Bringrr will search for your phone. If your phone is not there, Bringrr notifies you with a red flash and sound. You can also attach BringTags to the items you want to bring with you, such as a wallet, purse, backpack, laptop, and as soon as you start your car, Bringrr searches for your tagged items too. If anything is missing, Bringrr will send a notification to your phone, specifying which tagged item was left behind eliminating panicked trips back home to get items you leave behind.

Bringrr is also different because you can use the app to create a schedule for your tagged items. Bringrr will notify you if anything is missing from your car at the times you specify. It can also sync with Apple or Google’s Calendar: simply add the item you want to check for under the notes section in your calendar app. It is also compatible with Google Glass. You can share permission to see your item with anyone from the app; this would be great if you have a BringTag on your keys, as it would let you know when the keys have been picked up by a coworker, friend, or relative.

The Bringrr App will be available for iOS, Android, and Google Glass. With Google Glass, all of Bringrr’s features come alive. If Bringrr notices an item was left behind, Glass can show a picture of the item. To assign a BringTag on Glass, just take a picture and attach it to a Tag. If you misplace something, just ask Glass and it will guide you to its location.

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