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Business cards that link to your digital world via microchip

moo cards nfc

Using the same technology as a door entry badge, business cards can now be embedded with a microchip that can direct users to any site you desire, by their tapping the card on their smartphone. Genius!

moo cards nfc

Marrying business cards with viable technologies

Nearly every professional has a business card. They’re traditional, they’re reliable, and they serve their purpose easily. We’ve already seen attempts at modernizing the business card, but many of them have fallen flat. Take QR Codes, for instance. However, there is a new type of business card – a modern business card – that just might change the game entirely. Moo cards are launching near field communication (NFC) business cards seamlessly link the traditional world with the modern world.

Using the same basic technology as door entry badges or possibly even your credit or debit card, NFC business cards make unique use out of modern technology. These business cards don’t look different from ordinary business cards, but there is a major difference, as they contain very small microchips embedded inside the business card, what Moo calls a “third side to your business card.”

microchip business card

Complete flexibility, can be rewritten any time

What this microchip does is really up to you. You can easily program the microchip to bring up your company’s website, save your contact information immediately to the recipient’s phone, allow them access to your online portfolio, or you could send them to a funny video online. Just give out your business card as usual, and that person just has to touch your business card to their smartphone, and whatever you’ve programmed it to do will be done instantly.

One of the great benefits of the NFC business card is that you don’t have to stick with what you’ve programmed it to do. Even after you have given out cards, you are still in control. If you want, you could switch it up every day. Today you can send them to your newest blog post. Tomorrow, a YouTube video of a behind-the-scenes at your office. You can completely customize your contact’s experience.

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tap card to smartphone

Dynamic, unique, modern, and most importantly – never mundane

NFC business cards are dynamic, unique, and as personalized as you can get. Giving out your business card doesn’t have to be mundane or ordinary. You can make a lasting impression by simply using these special business cards to easily share content, contact information, and get them involved in your online community, all by touching your business card to their phone. Simple and intuitive.

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