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Call Bliss app screens your calls better than Do Not Disturb feature

call bliss

While the iPhone comes with great features, none play digital gatekeeper like Call Bliss does, grouping and screening calls like an assistant.

call bliss

Call Bliss is like your digital gatekeeper

If you have an iPhone, you’ve probably experimented with the Do Not Disturb feature. The problem is that this silences all calls, even the important ones. But there’s a way to remedy this problem, and it involves downloading the Call Bliss app. Call Bliss lets you personalize the Do Not Disturb feature to match your professional and personal needs. Call Bliss is essentially a digital assistant that screens your calls when you need it the most.

Take a moment to think whose calls you’d take every time, no matter what. This might include your spouse, business partner, or your child. The Call Bliss app allows you to block calls when you need to, but still allow specified callers through. You can easily activate or deactivate numbers with just one tap, simplifying the way you screen your calls.

Additional Call Bliss features

You can even set up lists for allowed callers based on your favorite locations. Maybe you want to allow only work-related calls while you’re physically in the office. Call Bliss lets you do that. Or maybe you want to block everyone except your child while you’re at the movie theater, just in case there is an emergency at home. Perhaps you want to allow only close friends and family members to call you during your evenings at home. However you want to set it up, you can, and easily.

Call Bliss is a great and affordable way to increase your productivity. Need to get ahead on a work project or you just need an hour or two of uninterrupted free time? Call Bliss gives you complete control of your incoming phone calls. Other than creating your own lists for who can call and when, there are also two all-encompassing modes that you can choose from: Blackout Mode and Open Door Mode. Just as they sound, Blackout Mode means no calls come through and Open Door Mode means there are no restraints on who can call you.

For just under $3, you can block all unwanted calls while allowing those calls you need and want to take to come through. We are all strapped to our phones and other modern technologies, but we don’t have to let it control our schedules and our lives. Call Bliss gives you that power back, the power to make your time your own again.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. franklyrealty

    January 3, 2013 at 10:48 am

    I will surely check it out, but I thought the Do Not Call feature did allow certain VIP individuals to get through regardless of the hour or settings

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