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If your startup disk is perpetually filling, DaisyDisk is for you


(TECH NEWS) MacBook application allows you to see in detail what files are taking up the most space on your computer.

Team Apple

Despite the fact that I once owned a Zune, my tent has been firmly set in Camp Apple for almost ten years. I am by no means saying that Apple is better than any of their competitors, I am simply saying their products have been the most effective for my everyday use.

And, that statement is as true as ever as I am currently writing this on a MacBook Air. While I love this computer, I do find myself struggling with maintaining an appropriate amount of storage for what the internal hard drive allows.

“Your Startup Disk is Almost Full”

I’m constantly getting a notification that my startup disk is almost full. I try my best to delete files that I no longer need, sometimes things like music and photos have a way of accruing quickly without me realizing.

After getting this message for the umpteenth time, I looked into ways to better learn about what files are stored on my computer, and what’s taking up the most space. I then stumbled across DaisyDisk which would eventually detail the clutter.

The Disks of (Preventing) Hazard

Despite the fact that DaisyDisk does not have a logo of a hard drive wearing jean shorts, I decided to give the free trial a shot.

The application then did a relatively quick scan of my start up disk and showed me what files were taking up space and by what percentage.

iTunes was the number one file holder with all of my music (of which I was not surprised) but I was able to see what other less used applications held large files that I may not need. As a result, I was able to then look up the file and delete it if it wasn’t needed.

The takeaway

While I didn’t bite the bullet and pay for the full usage of DaisyDisk, I was almost convinced to due to the fact that the full version allows you to delete files right in the app. My next step may be to get an external hard drive, but for now it’s good to have an easy-to-digest layout of all the nonsense I have saved.

As of now, the application is only available for Mac computers.


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