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Finding the perfect web design inspiration

web design inspiration

(Tech News) Crafted by love is a place to showcase beautiful web designs, as well as, search for inspiration for your next design.

web design inspiration

Getting your creative juices flowing

Trying to find the right web design can be difficult and scouring the Internet to find the right design can be incredibly time consuming. Luckily there are a few sites floating around to help you out. One of the newest editions is Crafted by Love.

Crafted by Love showcases web designs in a variety of categories from news and personal, to blogs and agencies, helping you find exactly what you need. When you register with the site, you can save designs by clicking “favorite this” and you will be able to find the design and designer again.

For businesses, the “product” and “news” categories may be of particular interest. In the “product” category, there are several different layouts to inspire your own product pages.

Digging for inspiration

For example, this familiar design uses animation on the landing page to explain exactly how you can tailor it to suit your needs:

Above: Landing page for Mailchimp.

In the “news” category, this design seems to be overly simplistic, but it draws you in to see what the company does, making it simplistically effective. There are several others in this category that have good design structures:

Above: collection on design for UX/UI.

But I don’t have time to dig through a bunch of designs…

If you do not have time to search through the designs, but have a general idea of the niche you’re looking for, you can click on “directory” and see all of the web sites with designs available on the site. This is particularly helpful if you want to quickly see what other people have done in your industry without searching through each category.

While there are other sites aimed at helping you find a design that is right for you, Crafted by Love is a great place to start when you need inspiration or simply do not know which direction you want to take your web site; you can see what people have designed in similar industries and take what you like from their designs and implement it in to your own.

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